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May 21, 2011
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Hello unknown person and welcome to the world of Coolawits.
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Ultima Chronicles: Final Fantasy XVI | Yeul Fanclub | Dissdia 014 Final Fantasy | Serendipity | Project Positive | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Q&A

LRFFXIII - Dark Muse
Name Airon Leradine
Earth Name Ashwin Sharma
Height 5"11'
Job Class Rune Knight
Weapon Ambiance
Skill Runic
Race Human
Full ATB Skill Fire At Will
Date of Birth 1996
Eiodolon Magus Sisters

Hi There Edit

Hi everyone. My name is Coolawits and I am a Fanfic-writer extrodinare. I am a guy who has just joined recently - both this Wiki and the Final Fantasy universe in itself. I've been into Final Fantasy since about 2009 and am loving the whole idea of it. I'm not a massive editing guy but will do my fair share now and then. I am mad about Dissidia and Dissidia 012 Duodecim and find both to be great games. I think I'm alright at it - not a master, not by any means - but alright with about 1/2 of my characters at SSS rating and I like to think that my Kuja is amazing if I may say so myself. And to those of you who are jealous that your parents never called you "Coolawits" well, even my parents didn't - my actual name is Ashwin!

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Stuff Edit

I am an avid writer of Fanfics and have some going on. I have a fanclub, polls, a gallery, and a tournament. Come round and check them out!


Click for my Dissidia Fanfic - Dissidia 014 Quattuordecim Final Fantasy.

Click for my Final Fantasy XVI Fanfic - Final Fantasy XVI.

Click for my Final Fantasy XIII-2 Q&A pages, where I try my best to tie up the plot holes.

Click for my Character League - Serendipity.

Click for my Reviews Of The Series.

Click for my Various Talk Bubbles.

Click for my Preferences Of The Series.

Click for my Polls.

Click for my Gallery.

Click for my Fanclub.

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Yay I can use magic! Yay I can turn into a crystal! Nay, I can turn into... a really... really... freaky... fiend...

SorcerorlCiebrand.gif This user is a cursed l'Cie, bound into the
service of
Sorceror Nobody for eternity
Branded: August 19th 2011 Eidolon: Magus Sisters
Role proficiencies:
Focus: Have all D012 chars Lv100, and at least half of the ultimate wpns
And now, you shall feel a surge of power. You shall writhe in endless pain. Finish your focus and attain eternal life, only then to be used again.
Sorceror Nobody upon branding Ashwin a l'Cie.

For a complete breakdown of me as a l'Cie, click here.


Edits Checklist
1 edit? Yes check
10 edits? Yes check
100 edits? Yes check
500 edits? Yes check
1000 edits? Yes check
5000 edits?
10,000 edits?
Tis the quest of each each citizen in this war ravaged world, to quest to add what needs to be added, to conceal what needs to concealed and to perfect that which can be perfected.
Cid of the Lufaine upon creating the World of Yudh.

Upon embarking on this momentous journey of mine throughout this noble wiki I appreciate that it is my duty to add to it by editing and improving this wiki and I am going to record down each momentous edit on this table, to commemorate my addition to this wiki.

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I am hosting a Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Walkthrough. Currently, it is under construction.

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