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My fav FF character's: NO ORDER (except top 2)

And many others! Characters are my favorite about games and anime.

Favorite Quote's Edit

  • ""I'm not fit to help anyone. Not my family. Not my friends. Nobody." "

―Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

  • "The heroes never die. Come on. We've got a world to save." "

―Snow Villiers, Final Fantasy XIII

  • ""I will stand by you, no matter what happens. I'm yours forever." "

―Snow Villiers, Final Fantasy XIII

About Cloud and ff7 Edit

Cloud Strife is the greatest character of all time! He has many fans all over the world. He was introduced from the best game ever made..FF7!!!. If you use the name "cloud Strife" then fans would get any game just to see him! He has a great background,he kick's ass!, His past is what makes him who he is. He is the best! His story was the best story ever made in video gaming history! The ff7 compilation keeps advancing the story and makes more and more about Cloud.When he was young,when he was in shinra,when he met Zack and everything! His story keeps going along with the ff7 story.FF7 and The Film Advent children sold better then other titles in the compilation because Cloud was the Main hero in both. I love every title in the compilation and love all the characters. But Cloud is my favorite. All together the final fantasy 7 compilation has earned square-enix more money then they ever wanted!

Final fantasy 13-2 Snows Promise Edit


"Where do I start" Snow say's to himself after leaving Serah with his engagment ring to search for lightning. he smiles before leaving new Bodhum.

CHAPTER 1- Lost:

"Where am I?" Snow asked. "How did I get here" looking around him. "Well, No point in stopping now." Snow continued to walk remembering his promise he gave to Serah. "Lightning was there and then she was gone an in instant. "No use in thinking about it now." Snow slows down to view his surroundings with his L'cie mark gone he could no longer summon the shiva sisters for faster movement. It's been 2 years since he's seen Lightning and been L'cie. It was alot easier to travel then it was being a L'cie 2 years ago. Pshicom was no longer after them and Dysley was gone. Snow quikly turns his head looking to the left of the empty field. "Hey you!" A man in pshicon clothing yells to Snow. "Hey!", I haven't seen anyone arou.." "Shut Up!" The Psicom soldier yells to interuppt him. "Yikes" Snow said in a kidding voice. "Why are you here" He asked snow. "Well I wouldnt be here if I new how I got here, Or how to get out." He said before walking closer to the soldier. "you expect me to believe that!" the soldier yells to him. "Well yeah, Its the truth, and besides why else would I be here?" Snow said then his eyes saw the soldier pull out a gun and quikly rushed over there to hit it out of the soldiers hands. "what are you doing" yelled snow. "ALERT Im under attack" the soldier yells jumping to the ground. "what do you mean under attack" Snow asked in a confused voice. "No one is gonna hurt you. "Snow said trying to calm the soldier down. ....................... ":What the?" Snow started looking around ready to fight with his fist up watching black shadows come from beneath the ground. "what kind of surprise party is this?" "attack him!" The soldier yells" "me? why me?" Snow asked "Im not your enemy!" The shadows float fast toward Snow while Snow swings his leg in a complete 360 sending the shadow away in mid air. "Come on, Your messing with a Hero" Snow jumps in the air landing next to another shadow swinging his fist to blow it away. The Soldier stands up and rushes for his gun. Snow ran toward the soldier and crush the gun then kicked the gun at the soldiers face. "you gonna tell me what the hell is going on now?" More shadows started circling the soldiers body. Snow backs up "wait!" as he heard the soldier laughing. "hahaha HAHAHA!" the shadows vanish away into the soldier who transforms into a Black dusted Behemoth. "whats going on?" Snow said queitly preparing for battle" ........................ The Behemoth jumps at Snow forcing him to roll out the way. Snow runs and punches the behmoth across the face making the creature Grunt. "alright!" snow says in enjoyment" The behemoth hit snow and snow flew 5 feet high and 15 feet away. "ugh, guess I celebrated to soon" the behemoth jumped at Snow "AHHGGGG" Snow yelled while putting his shoulder out and thrusting in the air. Snow and the creature collided to create a loud impact and sent both them flying through the air. Snow hit the ground and rolled up quikly looking at the creature who was passed out on the ground. .. It slowly vanished. "I get it now," Snow said standing up "Those shadows were whats left of the monsters that died. And that soldier. he was a lost soul, a dead spirit. That means this place..."" he looked around confused" This is the afterlife?" How did I get here? and how do I get out?

CHAPTER 2- World of Emptiness.

"OK, Lets get started" The cocky Hero says out loud. The ground started to rumble and the floor ripped open and from the ground came Dahaka. Snow examined in as Dahaka came from the ground remembering 2 years ago. "I haven't forgot about you!" Snow said with a surprise. "Fate less Human, Lost in despair with no life or time." A voice spoke. "what the.." Snow looked around. " that Voice..." Snow whispered. "Thats right" A man appeared in front of Snow. "Dysley!" Snow shouted as Dysley stood in front of him. Dysley grinned "Why so surprised? You think I'd faded away so easily by humans? how distressed." "You think im worried about you now? After a couple of years a fal'cie like you becomes old garbage left by us silly humans" "It seems you humans never learn" Dysley said with more anger. "Well lets get things started" Snow smiled and lift his fist. "This time I dont plan to miss" "This is the afterlife!, Where everything that is dead is alive. All that is real is but a fantasy. All that is Fantasy exist!" Monsters pulled from the ground while some appearing out of nowhere, Snow remembering all the monsters he had fought in the past. "This is unbelievable, Serah..Just hold on. I will find lightning!" Snow said to himself. "Lightning" Dysley said with question. "Tell me, what is it do you remember of her?" He asked. "I remember her hitting me in the face,...More times then I could count" .......... The countless monsters continue to grow from the ground with a world of creatures with no exit Snow just held his ground waiting. "Here I go!" Snow jumped over dysley landing on dahaka's head forcing him to shake him off, While falling off Snow used the drop for his advantage to land on a small wolf like creature crushing it. Snow rolled off and took off running. "Gotta get out of the middle so I won't be attacked from every side" he was stopped by a Juggernaut launching a missile. Snow quikly went for defense and on time pushed the missile to the ground causing an explosion that only hurt his arms. "I can't keep running" Snow ran and pushed the Juggernaut out of the way then swining his body at the creatures leg knocking it to the ground. Dahaka went for Snow. Snow looked and went for defense. Dahaka was blocked by sharp Ice stabbing its neck. "Huh!?" Snow thought to himself. "Shiva!" The shiva sisters surrounded snow shielding him from nearby enemies. "Ha! way to go!" Dysley got confused "Hm, The shiva sisters still defending even though you are NOT a L'cie." "Well I guess a couple of years you can't forget a guy like me" Sbow joked. "No Matter" Dysley trnasformed to is Fal'cie true form with all fiends launching at Snow and Shiva sisters. Snow jumped in the air landing on the sisters in Motorecycle form and started spinning for a Ice shield hitting many enemies before the shield of ice crushed and Snow was driving off.

"Guess getting away was sorta easier then I thought" Snow said to his Shiva sisters. Dyseley appeared in front of him using a black magic. "WHAT!?" Snow yelled turning left to dodge. The magic scraped him in his left arm below his elbow leaving a small scar. Before Snow could look back he flew off the shiva sisters and disappeared.

"ugh" Snow was laying on the ground. "where am I?" he stood up slowly looking around. " Well atleast I'm out of that place.....maybe back to normal?"


Small Town,Happy faces, people talking. Snow found himself smiling as he walked through a small crowd. "I guess this isn't so bad." Snow said while walking.

CHAPTER 3 A chance to relax: CHAPTER 4 Heading Home: CHAPTER 5 The Dream and Lightning: FINAL CHAPTER: A new Brand:

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