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Cloud Strife is the greatest character of all time! He has many fans all over the world. He was introduced from the best game ever made..FF7!!!. If you use the name "cloud Strife" then fans would get any game just to see him! He has a great background,he kick's ass!, His past is what makes him who he is. He is the best! His story was the best story ever made in video gaming history! The ff7 compilation keeps advancing the story and makes more and more about Cloud.When he was young,when he was in shinra,when he met Zack and everything! His story keeps going along with the ff7 story.FF7 and The Film Advent children sold better then other titles in the compilation because Cloud was the Main hero in both. I love every title in the compilation and love all the characters. But Cloud is my favorite. All together the final fantasy 7 compilation has earned square-enix more money then they ever wanted!

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