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My name is Andres. Uh...not a whole lot to say about me. I enjoy FF and I like to draw. Some random info about me:

Favorite Comic Book Artist: Alex Ross, J. G. Jones, Adam Hughes, Terry Dodson, Darwyn Cooke, Frank Cho, and Damion Scott

Favorite Manga Artist: Takeshi Obata

Favorite SE Artist: Yoshitaka Amano, Toshiyuki Itahana, Akihiko Yoshida, Airi Yoshioka, and Akira Oguro

Favorite Writers Neil Gaiman and Keith Giffen

Favorite Graphic Novel: The Sandman

Favorite Books American Gods and Anansi Boys (Signed by Neil Gaiman)

Nolan & Gwen: Bell Towers of DawningEdit

A comic written by me and drawn by Sprang.

Chapter OneEdit

Page #001 Page #002 Page #003 Page #004 Page #005 Page #006 Page #007 Page #008 Page #009 Page #010 Page #011 Page #012 Page #013 Page #014

The Art ThingEdit

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Hur hur hur. I like to doodle a lot and share what I doodle. Take a lookie at my most recent:

Gonna Update Later

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles UltimaniaEdit

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Just wanted to inform anyone who has been working on the articles for the FFCC series, that I was recently able to get the Crystal Chronicles Ultimania (lol for 10 bucks). There's a lot of information in this, unfortunately I don't know a lick of Japanese. Which stinks because it has a lot of names for characters that some Caravan pages are missing. Still there are a TON of images. So if there's anything specific you'd like for me to try to find and scan, or if you happen to know Japanese or somebody who does and would like me to scan certain pages then feel free to ask in my talk page.

I've also recently got a Wii and been playing through My Life as a King, if you haven't notice me updating a lot of the FFCC:MLaaK pages lol.

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