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Final FantasyEdit

The original Final Fantasy, I thought was an interesting game. Originally bought for the Playstation under the title of 'Final Fantasy Origins' then played on the PSP many years later, it truly give me the feeling that it was the start of a franchise. In my opinion, it's not a game I can simply pick up and play--thus it's not a regular game I talk about often.

Due to lack of in-depth characters, Astos remains to be one of my favourite characters from the game.

My most favourite music tracks from the game are:

» Sunken Shrine

» Chaos Shrine

I, Garland, will knock you all down!!

Final Fantasy IIEdit

The sequel to the original, Final Fantasy II holds its place as one of my top games from the series. Like the original, I originally bought it for the Playstation under the title of 'Final Fantasy Origins' and further played on the PSP. Due to its simplicity and straight-forward direction, its the reason it remains so high up on my scale.

The Emperor of Palamecia is by far my most favourite character from the game. Not just because he is a cold and calculating villain, but due to his simplicity. His motives are so easily understandable that when given depth in the Dawn of Souls dungeon in the remakes, he becomes so much more of a classic villain. In my opinion, he is most certainly under-rated when compared to some of the other villains in the series.

My most favourite music tracks from the game are:

» Rebel Army Theme

» Battle

» Imperial Army Theme

» Castle Pandemonium

You have braved the bowels of Hell to reach me. But the hand of man, which deals in false justice and forsaken love, can never can hope to defeat the lord master of Hell!
—The Emperor
Redundance to forgive has long been a human failing. It is in man's nature to sin, yet you answer sin with violence upon violence. Is that not itself a sin?
—The Emperor

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

My first Final Fantasy game on the Nintendo DS system, Final Fantasy III, for me, represents itself for its harsh Final Dungeon. Having only played it once, and once was all I needed, I feel the good qualities of this instalment were the inclusion of Moogles and the re-introduction of Crystals being involved in the storyline. Being a game I don't plan to play any time soon, it's not one I talk about often.

Many of the characters in Final Fantasy III didn't appeal to me due to how bland they were; not to mention the rates that the guests appeared to come and go as they please. But if one had to be picked, it goes to either Desch or Xande.

My most favourite music track from the game are:

» Eternal Wind

» The Forbidden Land Eureka

» Crystal Tower

» The Final Battle 3

You are trying my patience! You may have destroyed the dark crystals... but that is of no consequence... We will devour your power of light, and use it to return this world to the Void!
—Cloud of Darkness

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Final Fantasy IV is most probably my most favourite game in the series; ranging from both the storyline, soundtrack and cast. Originally bought under the name 'Final Fantasy Anthology', then further played on the Nintendo DS, up until now on the PSP under the name 'Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection', this instalment stands out to me as being the game in the series that starts the trend of how the world relates to the characters. There are so many words that I can use to describe this game, but that's for another time.

Being my most favourite character in both the game and my most favourite hero in the main series, Cecil Harvey is the king's loyal Dark Knight and Captain of Red Wings of Baron--a man who seeks answers who becomes a Paladin, and uncovers life-changing revelations along the way. In the end, he becomes a better man and his self-doubt is relinquished.

Kain Highwind was also a character in Final Fantasy IV I fell in love with. Good friend to Cecil and commander of the Dragoons, Kain is brainwashed to find and gather all of the crystals for his master, Golbez. Being somewhat of an anti-hero, he holds likeable traits that make you both sympathise with him as well as wish him stronger to fight his darkness.

The sub-villain of this instalment, Golbez, holds the title of being one of my most favourite villains in the series. Being the fact that his is an agent of darkness wishing to gather the crystals to open the path to the moon, as well as Kain's puppeteer wasn't enough; it's revealed later on in the game that he is the older brother of Cecil. By the end of the game, he simply wishes to seek forgiveness and to atone for his sins--and thus, like Kain, sets out on a path to enlightenment and redemption.

My most favourite music tracks from the game are:

» Battle

» Boss Battle

» Theme of Love

» Kingdom Baron

» Main Theme

» Into the Darkness

» Suspicion

» Fabul

» Tower of Zot

» Battle With Golbez's Four Emperors

» Somwhere in the World

» Tower of Babel

» King Giott's Castle

» Inside the Giant

Your majesty... What's become of you? Where is the noble knight? The man who took me in as an orphan and raised me as his own? The strong, just King I once knew? Is a crystal worth all this?
—Cecil Harvey
I've worn this darkened armor for so long now, there's no mote of light left in me. Not even... in my heart.
—Cecil Harvey
So, you are Cecil. Allow me to give you something--a gift, to remember our meeting by.

Final Fantasy VEdit

Bought along with Final Fantasy IV under the name 'Final Fantasy Anthology', Final Fantasy V is a game I haven't really delved into too much. Trying to play it, I seem to get so far and simply either lose interest or get lost--so I've given up trying. However in recent, my last playthrough got me as far as Exdeath merging the 2 worlds together. After that, I simply gave up trying. But one thing I do love about this game is the soundtrack.

From what I've played, Gilgamesh is one of my most favourite characters in this game. Simply being a swordsman who aims to find the ultimate sword, and known for his numerous battles and comedic lines, he soon becomes a fan-favourite--or at least, especially with me.

My most favourite music track from the game are:

» Ahead on our Way

» Battle 1

» Battle 2

» Sealed Away

» Cursed Earth

» Fate in Haze

» Pirates Ahoy!

» Reina's Theme

» Hurry! Hurry!!

» Musica Machina

» Unknown Lands

» Exdeath's Castle

» The Evil Lord Exdeath

» Library of Ancients

» The Castle of Dawn

» The Four Warriors of Dawn

» Walking the Snowy Mountains

» The Dragon Spreads its Wings

» Clash on the Big Bridge

» The Decisive Battle

» A New World

I'm BACK! Miss me, Galuf? Mwa, ha, ha, ha... Crystals! Give me the power and destroy these vermin before me NOW!!
The crystal's power that once bound me... Will now be mine! Bow! Bow down before me... and the crystals! Now die!!

Final Fantasy VIEdit

~My chronicle shall be continued next time I get some free time~


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