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January 1, 2008

Sorceror nobody
Greetings, unidentified visitor, and welcome to my userpage!

Random Quote:
"I heard a meteorite landed near Tycoon. Too bad it didn't land on Sorceror Nobody..."
— Disgruntled NPC in Carwen. What did Sorceror Nobody even do to this guy, anyway?

Let me begin by saying that I am not leaving the wiki. I doubt I will ever actually leave it, and I don't just mean the way it invariably lures back those who attempt to do so. I mean that I will always consider myself a member of and contributor to the wiki.

What I am doing is making formal and official what has been an obvious but unofficial decline in my activity. Of course, I've never been a really active contributor, and what activity I did have has been declining for ages. But it is my absence from the wiki's IRC channel that I feel has done the most to reduce my connection with the community to its current state of hardly anything.

So, I am still reachable – you can post on my talk page, and you can PM me on IRC. As always, I am on the latter as Sorceror_Nobody or, possibly, S_Nobody|Away; failing both, Regnum_Nihil is, by design, a near-constant presence and can be PM'd at any time, and I will almost certainly see the messages within 24 hours. Those of you with access to my channel will of course find me there, and I am also reliably present on #wikia-mspa, which is (kind of obviously) the channel for the MSPA Wiki.

All things considered, I still consider FFWiki my "home" wiki, and again, probably always will. As for contributing, I certanly remain willing to help with things I've been asked for in the past, such as wikimarkup help and so on. And I don't know whether I would call myself formally inactive on the staff page just yet. But otherwise, it's safe to say you aren't going to see much of me.

This wiki has, in a sense, been my biggest group of friends. Probably the first community I really felt part of. I wouldn't have missed it for the world, and that's why I maintain that I have no intention of truly departing with any finality. It's been fun, guys. See you around.

Oh, and don't forget to vote in the FEC :3

-- Sorceror Nobody

Status update, March 2014:
Well well, look what LR has done. It's brought me back to tinker with articles. Told you I wasn't gone :P

A quick note on Regnum_Nihil; it seems IRCCloud has pulled its finger out and their inactivity timeout actually notices me now. So RN is unfortunately a rather less constant presence than intended, nowadays. But it's still the most reliable way to get hold of me on IRC at the following (approximate!) UK times:

  • Mondays after about 2pm
  • Tuesdays after about 7pm
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays after about 11am
  • Fridays after about 6pm
  • Weekends after about midday

These times may change, particularly Tuesdays and Fridays, in the forseeable future.

Last but not least, the FEC.
Yeah it's pretty much stopped updating. I still haven't decided what to do with it. Though there is one thing I have settled on: if I do decide to formally close it, I will run every fight on the proposals page (except maybe ones that have a negative response) as a blowout finale before the curtain falls.

-- Sorceror Nobody

Flan's Elbow Colosseum

Like the Dragon's Neck Colosseum, but less prominent and a lot sillier. I mean, how can a Flan even have an elbow!? In accordance with this outright nonsensicality, a lot of FEC fights have abstract participants, or look one-sided but, on consideration, may not be. That said, we do also have relatively tame stuff about half the time :P Flaninverted.png

The current fight is

The Doctor V S Sherlock
CNY13Doctor.png CNY13Sherlock.png
Click here to place your vote!

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