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Urutan-Yensa and the Queen.

Urutan-Yensa are lords and masters of the great sea! We seek the aid of none!
—Queen of the Urutan

The Urutan-Yensa (ウルタン=エンサ, Urutan-Ensa?) are a race in Final Fantasy XII. They are the "Kings of the Sandsea", a name bestowed by the people of ancient Galtea, befitting their presence in the Ogir-Yensa and Nam-Yensa Sandsea.


The Urutan-Yensa are divided into different tribes, and every tribe is ruled by a queen, who is noticeably taller than the others. The Urutan-Yensa are strictly territorial, attacking anyone from the outside on sight. The hostilities with the Urutan-Yensa stopped the Rozarrians from building oil rigs in the Sandsea. The Urutan-Yensa are extremely proud of their heritage; it is a shame for an Urutan-Yensa to show his weakness, especially by asking outsiders for help, and only death is the fitting punishment. The Urutan-Yensa travel across the Sandsea on the giant Yensa.

The Urutan-Yensa evolved from crustaceans, their bodies are thin as if suffering from scurvy. All Urutan-Yensa, besides the queens, are entirely covered in layers of clothing. Some believe they do this to hide their hideous bodies, while it may be due to the environment of the Sandsea.

Their speech is animal-like. This, and their violent tendencies, keep them from adapting to hume society. Because of their low intelligence, Urutan-Yensa cannot wield complicated instruments and machines. They use bows and swords, as well as magicked motes in battle. All Urutan-Yensa are weak to Wind.


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The Urutan-Yensa and rarer Urutan Exile are fought as enemies in the Sandsea.



The word urutan is the Malay word for "sequence". It may also mean "massage" and "order", in terms of a noun. As an objective, it means "ordinal".


  • The Urutan-Yensa tribe may be inspired by the Tusken Raiders, a species from the Star Wars. Both tribes live on the desert and are not fond of visitors.
  • In the manga, the Urutan Yensa attacked Basch's village when he was young. Since there were only three trained warriors against hundreds of Urutan Yensa, Basch describes his past, "Like hell."

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