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Uruha's Location

Uruha's hidden spot on the World Map.

Uruha is a mercenary in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time that can found in the Town. To obtain her, beat the game on Normal, talk to her in the Town, then find her on the World Map. She is hidden on the path between the Village and the Aqueducts. Cast any magic to reveal her.

Uruha starts with the following abilities:

  • Magic Stack 3
  • Staff Charge
  • Magic Stack 4
  • Ring Lock 2
  • Charge Guard
  • Magic Stack 5
  • Guard Counter


Race Gender Level Weapon Head Armor Body Armor Accessory
Yuke Female 50 Reaper's Scythe Sniper's Eye Gambler's Gear Magic Ring


Level HP MP Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense
Initial 214 250 164 124 418 164
99 361 695 262 173 825 326

Elemental ATK/DEFEdit

Stat Fire Ice Thunder Stun Spacetime Dark
Attack 271 271 212 157 266 222
Defense 214 214 260 182 165 165

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