The Upsilon is a class of enemy in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. There are two combatable Upsilons: one encountered in the Goug region and another at the Aldanna Range. The Upsilon takes up 9 tiles and is a Floating, immobile unit. All of its stats are above average except for its MP and non-existent movement score. However, these deficiencies are overcome by weapon's abilities, which have an extremely long attack range and uses no MP.

The Magick Weapon (the Upsilon fought in the Aldanna Range) could be the games version of the recurring Omega, given its difficulty and namesake.

Profile Edit

According to some Research Notes available after defeating Magick Weapon at the Pub's notices. These two weapons were created by an unknown faction. A certain scientist did at some point gain the prints of the Omega Mark XII (referred simply as XII) and through its design was capable of creating the first weapon, the Smoldering Incubus (named Upsilon-A1), and was constructed with a growth mechanism that allowed it to be become stronger upon feeding with natural materials with A1 feeding upon Mist and Molten Rock. It is said that its capacity was tenfold that of XII.

Apparently through pressure of his superiors and other developers that may discover his scheme, the creator decided to paint the creature red and hide it through camouflage and develop a second weapon, which given the first construct was much easier to manufacture, and thus was the Magick Weapon born (named Upsilon-A2), which was painted white and made to feed from Snow.

At some point a third Upsilon (Upsilon-A3) was also created and was made to feed from seawater and was sent to the bottom of the sea. However it went unexpectedly wild and exploded in an exaggerated manner, apparently because it found way too much nutrients than its growth mechanism could process.

As the development of some Magick Cannon, was growing smoothly, the creator of the Upsilon decided to program the monsters to destroy the manufacturing place as soon as they detected the weapon was finished, and A2 was made to sleep and awaken upon the destruction of A1 to continue where its brother left off.

Classes Edit

Upsilon FFTA2
MagickWeapon FFTA2

This creature fires a deadly beam from its vantage point atop spidery legs.

The first Upsilon (Upsilon-A1, located in the Goug region) is red and light brown. The second Upsilon (Upsilon-A2, also referred to as the Magick Weapon, located in the Aldanna Range) is white and green. The main difference between the two is that A2 is able to absorb mist from the air in one round and then use it as a weapon to attack all enemies in the next round, whereas A1 is not.

Stats Edit

Monster Move Jump Evasion Resilience Weak Half Null Absorb
Upsilon 0 0 0 65 All elements

Abilities Edit

Defense Edit

Aside from the moves listed below, the Magick Weapon absorbs mist on one turn and releases it on the next, dealing damage to all foes. This does not apply to the red Upsilon.

Ability MP Range Effect
Primary Weapon 3 sq. width line in front of user Does damage equal to 1/2 of target's current HP.
Secondary Weapon 20 Deals heavy damage.
Beguile 20 Inflicts Charm and Doom.

Strategy Edit

The Upsilon enemies can get difficult and frustrating to defeat mostly because they have a ridiculously long attack range, can inflict damage through absorbing mist and inflict deadly status ailments like Charm or Doom on a + shaped area.

The Smoldering Incubus can be attacked early on due to Adelle's Hilo ability to inflict damage from afar, but other units may not be as lucky as they have to traverse a tricky path with lava squares which will hinder movement greatly. Considering said handicap and its Beguile ability it is recommended the player brings equipment to nullify both stat ailments or at the very least, prevent Charm and remove Doom through the Cleanse White Magick. The Faerie Shoes can prove quite useful in traversing the field quick in order to attack the enemy as well as using long range units such as Snipers or others that can attack from afar. Avoid placing units in front of the Upsilon for it can employ its Primary Weapon to halve the HP of all its targets on a long area, which can be deadly if territorial damage (like Mist Explosion or Eruption) assault the party. Staying as far as possible from the enemy and bringing healers and buffers will keep the party alive long enough to defeat the beast.

The Magick Weapon works basically the same as its lesser brother, but is much stronger and packs the highest HP nearing 2,000 and at Level 93 it carries massive stats. While traversing the terrain is less difficult, the player party is placed very far from it, and as such must spend several turns to reach the weapon all the while being subject to its attacks and Mist Explosions. The same recommendations apply, except that instead of utilizing Faerie Shoes, the player should use accessories that raise movement. They should bring heavy physical attackers and forsake the use of jobs that employ elemental Magick for the Magick Weapon is immune to all elements (even with Geomancy it will only receive half damage). Healers and buffers like White/Red/Green Mages (equipped with Dualcast) can prove very effective on supporting the party.

Blue Magick can provide excellent buffs that can quickly deplete the monster's HP. The player is advised to keep their units close (but not ALL of them) in order to make healing easier (it is recommended the healers are separated so that they are not defeated at the same time). Time Mages can prove effective to gain turns quick, and approach faster. Since the Magick Weapon is immune to all elements, it cannot be healed through White Magick, therefore the player can employ heal their units without worry even if they are next to the enemy.

Etymology Edit

Upsilon (uppercase Υ, lowercase υ; Greek: Ύψιλον, Úpsilon) is the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet.