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Upper La Noscea is a location in Final Fantasy XIV.



Upper La Noscea is located on the foothills of O'Ghamoro. The zone is divided in the middle by Bronze Lake, with ferry services connecting between the two shorelines.

This zone connects to Western La Noscea in the south on the west end, to Eastern La Noscea in the eastern edge, and to Outer La Noscea in the north (both sides).


Camp Bronze Lake

Camp Bronze Lake.

The only Aetheryte is at Camp Bronze Lake. This resort is famous for its hot springs. Many veterans of the Battle of Carteneau still convalesce in its waters.


Upper La Noscea contains the following areas:

  • Oakwood – The forest along the west side of the lake.
  • Bronze Lake – The western shoreline, still partially flooded since the Calamity.
  • Zelma's Run – A hilly path leading to Outer La Noscea.


Upper La Noscea's climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

  • Clear Skies
  • Sunshine
  • Fog
  • Overcast
  • Rain
  • Thunder

Places of InterestEdit

Poor Maid's MillEdit

A run down mill in the Oakwood region of Upper La Noscea. Now run by a group of former pirates, the Salthounds, led by Rabid Ratata, after the Calamity destroyed their ship.

Memeroon's Trading PostEdit

A trading camp set up by a Qiqirn named Memeroon, along the western shore of Bronze Lake. His estranged brother, Jijiroon, runs a similar trading post on the opposite shore.


The fossilized remains of an ancient serpent, situated upon a bluff overlooking Oakwood. Though unconfirmed, rumors suggest it is one the legendary sea serpents said to have been released by Llymlaen at the dawn of time.

Jijiroon's Trading PostEdit

A trading camp set up by a Qiqirn named Jijiroon, along the eastern shore of Bronze Lake. His estranged brother, Memeroon, runs a similar trading post on the opposite shore.

The Wanderer's PalaceEdit

A structure of Nymian creation, uncovered when Bronze Lake drained during the Calamity. It is named for Oschon, thought to be patron of the old civilization.






  • Bumble Beetle
  • Wild Wolf
  • Stoneshell
  • Yarzon
  • Coeurl Pup
  • Mamool Ja Breeder
  • Mamool Ja Sophist
  • Uragnite
  • Mud Pugil
  • Salamander
  • Kobold Sidesman
  • Kobold Pitman
  • Myradrosh (B-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Marberry (A-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Nandi (S-Rank Elite Mark)

Musical themesEdit

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