Unlimited Shot is a Ranger job ability in Final Fantasy XI. It allows the Ranger to fire a shot without using up arrows or ammunition. The ability is gained at level 51 and can be used once every 3 minutes.

While this may not seem incredibly useful, it is used mostly to macro-swap out normal arrows for one, sometimes unique, high damage arrow to perform a devastating Weapon skill.

Macro Example Edit

The following macro, which may not be the best or safest way to do the macro, shows an example of what a player might do to perform a Weapon skill somewhere in his 50s. After gaining the TP he needs to perform a weapon skill, he would use this macro to switch out his normal, Darksteel bolts with a Gold Musketeer's Bolt. Darksteel bolts are DMG 50, while the Gold Musketeer's Bolt is DMG 60 and offers +10 Ranged Attack and +20 Ranged Accuracy bonus. Even without knowing the precise mechanics, the Musketeer's bolt is clearly a superior ammunition. In fact, the bolt costs 32,000+ Conquest Points for just one.

After switching the ammunition, he activates unlimited shot. The wait command gives him 3 seconds to cancel the macro if he is unable to activate the Job ability (/ja is the command for Job ability), and then he uses his Weapon skill, Sidewinder (/ws is short for Weapon skill). Performing the Weapon skill takes a second or two usually. The final line will switch him back to using normal arrows.

/equip Ammo "Gold Musketeer's Bolt"
/ja "Unlimited Shot" <me> 
/wait 3
/ws "Sidewinder" <t>
/wait 3
/equip Ammo "Darksteel Bolt"