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FFU Kaze

Kaze, an Unlimited

The Unlimited are a mysterious group of beings of varying races that appear in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Though their nature is largely undisclosed within the series, a couple of major aspects are known:

  • An Unlimited can survive any fatal injury, reviving at a later point, unless killed by a fellow Unlimited. An exception to this is Chaos and Omega, who the Unlimited rival in power.
  • The Unlimited seem largely unaffected by mental manipulation and other ailments.


Only two Unlimited are seen within the series: Kaze and Makenshi. Though of different worlds, both utilize weapons and spiral momentum to create Summons to fight on their behalf.


The Magun is Kaze's weapon. It is a large three barreled gun, which uses Soil bullets to summon powerful creatures to fight. The only two people seen to successfully use the Magun are Kaze and Lisa Pacifist.


The Maken are wielded by both Makenshi and his brother and teacher, Madoushi. They are straight, two-handed swords which the brothers can apparently manipulate with their mind alone. They can also use their swords to summon the Sword Dragons.

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