XI Unleash (アンリーシュ, Anrīshu?) is the Beastmaster SP2 ability in Final Fantasy XI. Unleash lasts for one minute and has multiple effects:

  • The success rate of Charm is raised to its maximum (which is approximately 95%).
  • The cooldown timers for Call Beast, Ready, and Sic are eliminated.
  • Pet TP is increased to its maximum of 3000 and use of Ready and Sic do not consume TP.


  • Originally, the Beastmaster SP2 ability was intended to be Feral Sacrifice (F.サクリファイス, F. Sakurifaisu?), which would have sacrificed the player's current pet in exchange for a Stoneskin effect absorbing HP of damage equal to the pet's former HP as well as a Reraise effect. Players unanimously loathed Feral Sacrifice and vocally protested the planned ability in the official forums. The development team eventually relented and created Unleash instead, which was far better received.