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I told you I was the guardian of the world of dream, didn't I?
—Unei, upon reminding Luneth of her visit to his dream.

Unei, also romanized as Unne, is a supporting character from Final Fantasy III. She can aid the party by using Holy or Haste at the start of battle.




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One of the great Magus Noah's students, Unei was given the power of the dream world. However, due to this, she has been kept in eternal sleep. Unei first appears immediately after the death of Aria, where she tells the Warriors of the Light in their dreams to visit Doga. Later on, the Warriors of the Light are able to wake her with Noah's Lute.

FFIII Unei PSP Render

Unei (PSP).

Despite having been asleep, Unei was fully conscious in the dream world but was unable to return back to the Waking World, due to time having stopped on the other side by Xande. Therefore, she was forced to live in the dream world for 1000 years. She was fully aware of the events that were happening in the Waking World. She leads the party to the Ancient Ruins and destroys the rocks blocking the party's path in order to claim the airship Invincible.

Then, she informs the party that they must head to the Cave of Shadows, in order to obtain the last fang needed to break Xande's Statues that prevent the party from accessing the Ancients' Maze. She then leaves the party and joins Doga at his manor.

After the party obtains the Fang of Earth, the party finds Unei at Doga's Grotto, where the party fights the two apprentices of Noah. Unei then dies, although her soul remains eternal.

The party meets Unei and Doga a final time, after they are defeated by the Cloud of Darkness in the Crystal Tower. Unei and Doga revive the fallen Warriors of the Light, and her spirit finally moves on.

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In the 3D remakes, Unei can aid the party in battles by either casting Haste on the whole party or cast Holy at a single enemy.


Unei is fought as a boss directly after Doga. She can cast Aeroga and Tornado on the party, as well as perform physical attacks, though the main concern is her spells, as she is a Devout.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XIVEdit


Unei appears as a supporting non-playable character in "Chronicles of the New Era" storyline involving the Syrcus Tower. The enemies Unei's Clone(s) also appear in the tower.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit


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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

FFAB Unei is an ally and a summonable Legend. She is depicted in her Final Fantasy III default outfit. Her EX ability is Tornado.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

TCG Unei appears on earth-elemental cards.



Though romanized differently, Unei's name is likely a reference to Dr. Unne from the original Final Fantasy, as both are written using the same kana (ウネ).


  • Due to both Doga and Xande's minds and bodies having been frozen in time on the Surface World, Unei has the distinction of being the oldest lived mentally of the three students of Noah, since her mind had lived a thousand years more than her colleagues.
  • The parrot sitting on her shoulder is absent in the DS remake. But only in the model, since the first dialogue after she wakes up imply that the parrot remain in her shoulder.
  • In Final Fantasy IX there is a message on the Bulletin Board in Mount Gulug from "Une the Mole". There is also an item called "Une's Mirror".
  • In Final Fantasy Tactics there is a quest in Zeltenia castle's tavern after the fight in Eagrose, the requester is called Unei.
  • One of the Mixes from the aborted Transmuter job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is named "Une's Wrath" (ウネの怒り, Une no Ikari?).