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FFA Undersea Volcano

Entrance of Undersea Volcano.

The Undersea Volcano (海底火山, Kaiteikazan?) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Adventure. This dungeon has Damage floor in the form of lava and a healing spring can be found inside the dungeon.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Sumo looking for the legendary sword that can vanquish evil, having killed the Kraken before emerging on the surface of the island now finds a new cave. He ventures insides still seeking the sword.

Sumo arrives in the lowest level, defeats the Iflyte, and claims the sword which happens to be rusted. Sumo wonders if this is the so call legendary sword which Cibba spoke of. Sumo then decides to return to Lorim.

Spoilers end here.



  • FFA Axe IconZeus
  • FFA Sword IconRusty

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