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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Boss
Undead Princess
アンデッドプリンセス (Andeddopurinsesu)
Undead Princess EoT
Location Graveyard
Item Dropped Normal: Magician's Soul, Mage's Gravepost, Sulfur Dust, Dark Dust, White Dust, Black Gold, Platinum, Gold, Ki Gem, Sei Gem, Mighty Heart
Hard Mode: Abyssian, Mythril, Mythril Shard, Orichalcum, Holy Orb, Dark Orb, Phoenix Down, Yew Branch, Ran Gem, Shisui, Haku Gem, Kurenai
Lift {{{Lift}}}
Sturdiness {{{Sturdiness}}}
Rage Time {{{Rage}}}
Element {{{Element}}}
Guard {{{Guard}}}
Story Mode
Mode Normal Hard Very Hard
HP {{{HP1}}} {{{HP2}}} {{{HP3}}}
ATK {{{ATK1}}} {{{ATK2}}} {{{ATK3}}}
DEF {{{DEF1}}} {{{DEF2}}} {{{DEF3}}}
MAG {{{MAG1}}} {{{MAG2}}} {{{MAG3}}}
MDEF {{{MDEF1}}} {{{MDEF2}}} {{{MDEF3}}}
LUCK {{{LCK1}}} {{{LCK2}}} {{{LCK3}}}
EXP {{{EXP1}}} {{{EXP2}}} {{{EXP3}}}
Mode Normal Hard Very Hard
HP {{{HPN}}} {{{HPH}}} {{{HPV}}}
ATK {{{ATKN}}} {{{ATKH}}} {{{ATKV}}}
DEF {{{DEFN}}} {{{DEFH}}} {{{DEFV}}}
MAG {{{MAGN}}} {{{MAGH}}} {{{MAGV}}}
MDEF {{{MDEFN}}} {{{MDEFH}}} {{{MDEFV}}}
LUCK {{{LCKN}}} {{{LCKH}}} {{{LCKV}}}
EXP {{{EXPN}}} {{{EXPH}}} {{{EXPV}}}
Elemental affinities
RoF Fire Icon RoF Ice Icon RoF Thunder Icon
- - -
RoF Stun Icon RoF Time-Space Icon RoF Dark Icon
- - -

The Undead Princess is a boss from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. She is fought in the Graveyard.


The Undead Princess rests upon a construct crafted of bone, which holds a large scythe. Like all other undead, she is protected at first by a ghostly cloak that resists most attacks and may only be broken by a Cure, Raise, or Clear spell, or Holy to do damage at the same time. The Princess can swing the scythe in an arc to knock characters away, and can cause the Doom (status), using a countdown timer with a song if she catches someone while charging (escaping ends the countdown).

She can blow hearts to cause Weakness, or summon black bi-pyramid objects that cast magic as well as cast Bio Fira and Blizzara herself.

Bi-pyramid objects are only able to cast orbs. Even though they have high HP, they do nothing even if someone stands onto them, or if they are are carried (By Lilties or Special Equipment holders).


To stun her, the player must wait near a wall and wait for the Undead Princess to charge; if she hits the wall, she will fall and be vulnerable for a few seconds. She will also lose her cloak status. If frozen while stunned she'll recreate the ghostly cloak.


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