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Skeleton concept
For the recurring status effect, see Zombie (status).

The Undead (アンデッド, Andeddo?), also called the Living Dead or Zombies, are a recurring type of enemy from the Final Fantasy series. Undead enemies vary in appearance, abilities and strength, but share a few key characteristics: they are resistant to Dark and Poison spells, but are vulnerable to healing magic, Fire and Holy.

They are immune to HP draining attacks, often employing such attacks themselves, and are often able to infect party members with debilitating status ailments. In most games, as they are vulnerable to healing spells and items, Undead can be killed simply by throwing a Phoenix Down at them, or by casting a Raise spell.

Recurring classes of undead creatures include Ghosts, Skeletons, Mummies, Vampires and Liches, all of which change forms and have different variations throughout each game.

Characters can become Undead in Final Fantasy V by equipping the Bone Mail and in Final Fantasy VI by equipping a Lich Ring. In fact, Undead is also known as the status effect Zombie in the series.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Edit

I Undead enemies appear in many locations and areas in the world map. Easy damage is inflicted with Dia, a spell specifically for the White Mage job class. The Black Mage's Fire spells are also very useful.

The enemies in the Shadow family are cloaked skeletons that often appear in large groups and are very fragile. The Shadow and Wraith are very weak enemies, and the Specter and Ghost are like glass cannons: they hit multiple times for large damage, but can be felled quite easily.

Skeletons also appear in large hordes, but are similarly susceptible to weak Fire or Holy-based attacks. Other enemies in this group are the Skuldier, Bloodbones and the Dawn of Souls exclusive Bonesnatch, which is marginally more powerful.

Enemies of the Zombie genus include the Ghoul, Ghast, Wight and Revenant. They share the common trait of being able to inflict Paralysis with their physical strikes.

The Vampire is a boss in the Cavern of Earth, and its stronger counterpart, the Vampire Lord, inhabits the Flying Fortress and the Chaos Shrine. Both are far more durable than other undead enemies in Final Fantasy.

Mummies are also present in this game, but do not have any special abilities or characteristics. The King Mummy is just as weak as its common counterpart, but the Pharaoh has a large sum of HP and can often be found guarding treasure chests. All of these can inflict Sleep with their melee attacks.

Final Fantasy II Edit

II Undead enemies appear throughout the game. Almost all of them are weak against Fire, resistant to the Poison and Matter elements, and absorb Death (converting it into a Cure effect of equivalent level). The Blood Sword, Drain, and Osmose have their effects reversed, deducting the attacker's HP or MP and giving it to the undead enemy.

Final Fantasy II is the first game in the series where undead enemies can be harmed with Cure spells or instantly killed with Life. They are also the only enemies that suffer damage when the Garlic item is used. The Sun Blade inflicts extra damage to undead.

Final Fantasy III Edit

III Undead monsters can be found in the Cave of the Seal, the Mythril Mines in Kazus, and Hein's Castle.

Final Fantasy IV Edit

IV The majority of the undead are found in Mount Ordeals, but many can be found throughout dungeons and caves across the world such as Mt. Hobs and Cave of Eblan.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit


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Final Fantasy V Edit

V Undead are common enemies in the Ship Graveyard, but they also inhabit the Great Sea Trench. Siren can turn undead at will.

Additionally, Bone Mail or the Necromancer job's Undead passive will bestow undead status, with the following effects:

  • The effects of healing and life draining spells, items and effects (with the exception of Life Drain) are reversed in combat. The character can still be healed while out of combat.
  • Undead characters are restored to full health by instant death effects.
  • The character cannot be revived in combat (the character can still be revived outside of combat).

The Requiem song deals massive damage to the undead, but ignores all other opponents.

Final Fantasy VI Edit


FFVI Undead Regenerating

Cloudwraith regenerating after being struck by an instant death attack.

Undead are mainly found in the Phantom Forest and Darill's Tomb among other areas. Most Death attacks (excluding things that cut the enemy apart, like the Zantetsuken, or effects that drag the enemy out of the battle, like Banish or Snare) will allow the undead opponent to fully replenish the undead target's HP.

Playable characters can be made Undead by equipping the Lich Ring. This will make Death effects and the Poison element heal the character, while Cure and Raise spells will harm them. The Healing Rod will heal undeads targets. It also makes the playable characters unable to be revived when they are knocked out. Undead status expires at the end of combat and has no effect outside of battle, so characters wearing Lich Rings can be healed and revived outside of combat without needing to unequip them first. Gau can also be made undead by performing the Rage of any of the enemies listed below. Unlike with the Lich Ring, Gau's Undead status wears off along with the Rage when he is KO'd, so he can still be revived with the Raise or Arise spells afterwards.

The temporary ghost party members from the Phantom Train also have permanent undead status due to their unremovable Lich Rings.

List of Undead Monsters:

Final Fantasy VII Edit

VII There is no classification for undead in Final Fantasy VII, however those that are weak to Holy and absorb Restorative (and thus take damage) are considered to be undead enemies. A number of these undead enemies are also healed by the attacks that attempt to inflict instant death. Their aversion for Restorative means that Phoenix Down items will defeat them instantly.

Undead enemies are encountered in the Cave of the Gi, including the boss Gi Nattak. They were created when the vengeful souls of the Gi could not pass into the Lifestream.

The Ghost enemy's affinity with Holy is Death, which means that any attack of the Holy element will defeat it instantly. Despite this, by the time the player has means of inflicting the element they are no longer available to fight.

Enemies who are damaged by Restorative, weak to Holy, and absorb Death:

Enemies who are damaged by Restorative and weak to Holy:

Final Fantasy VIII Edit

VIII Undead creatures in Final Fantasy VIII appear sparingly in dungeons, fields and as bosses. They are damaged by curative abilities, instantly killed by reviving abilities, take half damage from physical attacks, and are resistant to the Doom and instant death attacks including Death and Selphie's Limit Break, The End.

Final Fantasy IX Edit

IX Final Fantasy IX has a few undead monsters and one undead boss:

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Final Fantasy X Edit

X While there is only one undead creature, there is a skill that can give Zombie status and there is also an undead boss.

It should be noted that undead is not a classification in and of itself in Final Fantasy X as such; rather, the enemies considered "undead" simply have permanent Zombie status.

Final Fantasy XI Edit

XI Undead are a genus in opposition to Arcana. They are characterized by immunity to drain/aspir/absorb spells, tendency to menace travelers at night and a habit of attacking players when they're at low health.

They encompass the following families:

Final Fantasy XII Edit



Undead monster rising from the ground.

The genus Undead includes a large number of undead creatures. The classifications of Ghosts, Skeletons, Zombies, Reapers, Plate Wyrms, Sleipnirs, Steelings, Malboros, Flans and Headless include undead creatures.

List of the Undead creatures:

Ghost Classification
Skeleton Classification
Zombie Classification
Reaper Classification
Plate Wyrm Classification
Sleipnir Classification
Steeling Classification
Flan Classification
Malboro Classification
Headless Classification

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Edit

LR Skeleton and its variant, Skeleton Ω, appear in the game, but they do not exist as a undead enemy type.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

XIV Known as Ashkin, undead commonly appear near ruins or areas with high Voidsent activity. Varieties include skeletons, revenants, and ghosts.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Edit

FFT Undead creatures have a chance of reviving 3 turns after they are KO'd. The Monk's Chakra skill will restore HP and MP to the undead.

In addition to these, there are several undead generic units that appear specifically in story related battles. They all have innate Beastmaster ability along with innate status of Undead and Float (except for the Undead Knight). These units also all have status immunity to Traitor, Blind, Vampire, Reraise, Invisible, Poison, Regen, Charm, and Doom.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Edit


FFTA Undead Artwork

Undead creatures will revive three turns after they are KO'd. However, Tactics Advance introduced several abilities that defeated the undead permanently, such as the Archer's Burial skill.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Edit

TA2 Undead monsters in this game turn into tombstones when their HP reaches 0, and will be raised when three full turns have passed. They can be permanently removed from the field by either skills such as Burial or Exorcise (which have a low chance of working on an active undead, but 100% hit rate when the undead is in a tombstone form or under some status ailments).

Also by using a Phoenix Down or casting Raise (or most other revival skills, such as Phoenix) on the tombstone. Unlike previous games, in which the undead can be defeated by just throwing a Phoenix Down, it only defeats the enemy if it's a tombstone, as when the undead is still on the field, it deals slightly less damage than a Hi-Potion.

  • Deathscythe
  • Ghost
  • Zombie
  • Note that undead can be removed from the battlefield without such holy banishment, such as by the Alchemist's Transmute ability.

Vagrant Story Edit

VS Undead is an entire class of enemies.

List if Undead enemies:

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Edit

FFMQ Attacking with the Cure spell is highly effective against the undead, the spell deals zombie-elemental damage against them.

The Final Fantasy Legend Edit

FFL Undead is one of four monster types, the Sun will inflict critical-hits against them.

List of Undead:

Final Fantasy Legend II Edit

FFL2 There are three types of undead monsters, the ghost-type, skeleton-type, and zombie-type. Undead monsters reverse absorption just like many other games in the series.

List of Undead:

Bravely Default Edit


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Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

FFD Undead enemies are very typical in Final Fantasy Dimensions. They are vulnerable to healing spells. However, draining spells and abilities such as Drain, Osmose when cast on them will heal themselves and damage the casters instead. This also means that the Blood Lance, one of the best weapons in the game, is useless against Undead.

Etymology Edit

The term undead describes beings in mythology, legend or fiction that are deceased yet behave as if alive.