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Vaan and Balthier fighting unarmed in Final Fantasy XII.

Unarmed (すで, Sude?), also known as Fists, Hands, Bare Hands, Empty, or Unequipped, is a recurring weapon, or lack thereof, in the Final Fantasy series. While not being physical equipment, it is the attacking force of characters that have no weapon equipped. It is oftentimes the weapon used by Monk characters in games where Knuckles are not present.

Due to the nature of the equipping system of some entries to the series, some games will not allow a character to have no weapon equipped. Depending on the mechanics, equipment or character damage done unarmed can be high, as can be low.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Edit

Hands is the weapon that's equipped in the weapon slot when a character isn't equipped with a weapon. In battle, the character will attack the enemy with his bare hands and will still deal combo hits.

Final Fantasy II Edit

Barehanded is the weapon that's equipped in the Right and/or Left Hand slots when a character isn't equipped with any weapon and/or shield. Characters who are not equipped with a weapon and do/not have a shield equipped will fight unarmed; the formula for the Attack stat with a main-handed (e.g. Firion Right-Handed) 'Hands' and an off-hand shield is 1/4 Strength + (4x Unarmed level), and off-hand 'Hands' is 1/8 Strength + (2x Unarmed level). The formula for Unarmed with no shield in either hand is 1/2 Strength + (8x Unarmed level). Unarmed attacks have their own skill level, which in addition to increasing the number of attacks also increases the damage done by each hit. Josef fights barehanded by default.

Final Fantasy III Edit

This weapon remains unnamed and if no weapon is equipped in the weapon slot, the character will attack the enemy with his/her fists and will still deal combo hits.

Final Fantasy IV Edit

Empty (unnamed in all versions except the 3D version) has an attack power of 1. This is the default weapon when the character's hands are empty. For bow and arrows, if one or the other is empty, the character will attack with his/her fists regardless of having a bow or arrows equipped.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit

Unarmed still as an attack power of 1 and it has the same function as the previous game.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

This weapon remains unnamed, Unarmed still as an attack power of 1. It has the same function as the previous game.

Final Fantasy V Edit

Unarmed has an attack power of 3. When characters are not equipped with weapons, they fight with their fists. Characters with both hands empty will attack once with each fist. Monks specialize in unarmed combat, and wearing the Kaiser Knuckles accessory boosts damage when fighting unarmed.

Final Fantasy VI Edit

A character's Right and Left Hand slots are marked as Unarmed when a character isn't equipped with a weapon. It is counted as a weapon with an attack power of 10, which is why weapons don't raise attack power as much as the information seems to indicate they should. This is the default weapon for all characters when not equipped with a weapon, except for Umaro and guests. Unarmed is not compatible with the Genji Glove relic. A character can be forced to fight Unarmed if the Organyx breaks after attacking, but the player can simply equip a new weapon after it breaks.

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission Edit

In Iutycyr Tower, each dressphere has an HP designation; if it runs out of HP, it 'breaks' and the girls have to wear the next dressphere in line. If they run out of dresspheres, they will be reduced to wearing their sleepwear. At this point, the girls are at their highest levels, but have no abilities to use, and can do nothing but punch and kick for beating fiends.

Final Fantasy XI Edit

The Hand-to-Hand skill is the only form of physical combat innately available to every job. Any time a player chooses not to equip a weapon in their Main Hand, combat defaults to attacking a target with the player's fists. However, a milieu of Hand-To-Hand weapons (claws, hard knuckles, cesti, baghknakhs, etc.) are available to players and utilize this same Hand-to-Hand skill to calculate damage. By design, Hand-to-Hand is the weapon of choice for both Monks and Puppetmasters.

Monks have an A+ rank in the weapon class while Puppetmasters have B+ rank; Dancers, Warriors, Ninjas, and Thieves also have innate Hand-to-Hand skill of respective lower rank, and for this reason (along with Monks and Puppetmasters) are capable of using both fists during Hand-to-Hand combat. Any other player on a different job that simply chooses to attack a target without an equipped weapon are subject to throwing punches with just one hand. Furthermore, Monks gain special access to the job trait Kick Attacks which allows them occasional use of their feet. A Monk gains access to Kick Attacks III at level 96.

Hand-to-Hand skill and subsequent damage output are calculated differently than any other weapon class in the game. A player's innate Hand-to-Hand damage is calculated by multiplying their Hand-to-Hand skill by 0.11, then adding 3. Weapon Rank is offset as well: the true value is a weapon's displayed base Damage plus 3, with no contribution from Hand-to-Hand skill. Likewise, the innate Hand-to-Hand Delay for every job is 480, and any additional Delay value present on Hand-to-Hand weaponry is added to 480; however, Monks and Puppetmasters have access to the job trait Martial Arts which act to reduce their natural Delay in Hand-to-Hand: when a Monk obtains Martial Arts VII at level 82, it is possible to reduce innate Delay to 280 with additional support from Merit Points.

Final Fantasy XII Edit

When the player has no weapon equipped, the character will fight unarmed with kicks and punches. Unarmed combat has a 5% chance of dealing combo hits. Unarmed fighting is quite fast when compared to most weapons, such as swords, axes and poles, but it isn't as fast as daggers, ninja swords and spears. Fighting unarmed has 2.14s charge and 1.2s action time.

After learning the license Brawler, or equipping the accessory Amber Armlet, the Attack Power changes to the average of Level and Strength.

The player must fight unarmed once, in the Nalbina Dungeons against the seeq dungeon masters.

After a victorious boss battle the characters perform different victory poses depending on what weapon they have equipped.

Final Fantasy XV Edit

Iris Amicitia's weapon is "None" that has no stats.

Final Fantasy Tactics Edit

Characters that do not have any weapons equipped will fight unarmed for minimal damage, and damage can be boosted by having a greater Bravery.

The damage formula is:

$ DMG = [PA * (Br / 100)] * PA $[1]

If they have the Brawler Support Ability, innate to the Monk job and also learned for 200 JP, damage is boosted, and the formula becomes:

$ DMG = [PA * (Br / 100)] * PA * 1.5 $

A unit can be force to fight Unarmed if they are struck by the Knight and Nightblade's Rend Weapon ability. And by the Sword Saint, Divine Knight, and Delita's Ark Knight's Crush Weapon ability. A character with the Reequip ability can equip the unit with a new weapon and not be forced to fight Unarmed after having the weapon broken, that is if the player has the ability setup or forgets to equip a new weapon after being broken.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Edit

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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Edit

Units are unarmed if they are not wielding any weapons. This usually results in the unit dealing very little physical attack damage. Master Monks, however, deal far more damage when they are unarmed (with the exception of the weapon Whale Whisker, which will raise Attack by 17).

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Edit

Bare Hands can only be used by Benjamin, Tristam, and Phoebe. When one of them attempts to use a weapon that has no ammo remaining, they will attack the enemy with their Bare Hands. When attacking with Bare Hands, the character's Attack Power is halved.

Final Fantasy Legend III Edit

During battle, the battle text claims that the character smashed the enemy. Otherwise, the weapon remains unnamed. When a character is not equipped with a weapon, they will attack the enemy unarmed or if they run out of ammo.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Edit

If a character equips no weapon they'll fight unarmed. Fighter class has boosted damage when fighting unarmed; when a Fighter fights unarmed their attack power is equal to their Strength stat.

Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

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Bravely Default Edit

Unequipped weapon slots are listed as Empty. It shares its weapon type with Knuckles and uses the Strength and Physical Attack stats to determine damage. Fighting unarmed can be strengthened by the Knuckle Lore and Natural Talent support abilities, learned by Monks at job levels 5 and 14, respectively.

Bravely Second: End Layer Edit

The unarmed weapon counts as knuckles for the purpose of specials, however unlike knuckles one can equip a shield in their second hand. Monks can also boost the power of unarmed using the Knuckle Lore skill, boosting its attack power to twice ones level.

Gallery Edit

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References Edit

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