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Umbra is a dog who appears in Final Fantasy XV and its prequel, Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV. He is described as a "faithful servant," and belongs to Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.


Brotherhood Final Fantasy XVEdit

Umbra Dogged Runner

Umbra awakens from a nap and senses Pryna has returned.

Umbra awakens from a nap while in the care of Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. It runs outside, alerting Luna to the return of Pryna, whom she had sent to see Noctis.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Umbra acts as an intermediate between Noctis and Luna, who write to each other in the small leather journal kept around the dog's neck. The player can select what type of message to send, ranging from friendly, deep, and gruff messages.

Later in Chapter 15 Umbra, being so emotionally tied to the party, allows them to "relive" their adventures from the past, sending them back in time to the Lucis or Altissa of the past. Umbra at this point resides in a small soldier's dormitory in the city of Insomnia, and by using this function the player can go back and finish sidequests and explore the open world of Eos.



Umbra means "shadow" in Latin.


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