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Mobius Deathblow (必殺技, Hissatsu Waza?) are Limit Break-type abilities in Mobius Final Fantasy.



Ability Offensive Power (%) Break (%) Critical Job(s)
Onion Dicer 900 300 Onion Knight
A single attack. Additional Effect: Petit Bravery
Arc Slash 900 360 1★ Warrior, Gladiator
Ranged attack. Additional Effect: Bravery
Radiant Sword 1200 400 Knight, Royal Guard
Ranged attack. Additional Effect: Barrier
Chaosbringer 1200 400 3★ Dark Knight, Dark General
Entire attack. Additional Effect: Drain
Draw Slash 1600 200 2★ Samurai
Entire attack. Additional Effect: Berserk + Petit Haste
Jump 1000 600 1★ Dragoon, Dragon Lord
Single attack. Additional Effect: Debarrier + Rainbow Shift
Blitz Ace 1500 300 1★ Ace Striker
Entire attack. Additional Effect: Haste
Shining Wave 1600 50 1★ Heretic Knight
Single attack. Additional Effect: Boost + Rainbow Shift


Ability Offensive Power (%) Break (%) Critical Job(s)
Rain of Ruin 1000 250 1★ Apprentice Mage
A single attack. Additional Effect: Petit Faith
Ruinga 1100 250 2★ Mage, Large Mage
Ranged attack. Additional Effect: Faith
Holy Prayer 300 200 1★ White Mage, White Teacher
A single attack. Additional Effect: Regen
Bio Blast 1300 300 3★ Black Mage, Archmage
Entire attack. Additional Effect: Bio
Dualcast 1800 180 1★ Red Mage, Sorcerer
Entire attack. Additional Effect: Faith + Petit Haste
Scan 300 800 1★ Scholar, Professor
Single attack. Additional Effect: Weak + Rainbow Shift


Ability Offensive Power (%) Break (%) Critical Job(s)
Axle Cutter 800 360 2★ Fledgling Ranger
A single attack. Additional Effect: Petit Boost
Dancing Edge 800 400 3★ Ranger, Explorer
A single attack. Additional Effect: Boost
Arrow Rain 1000 450 3★ Hunter, Survivor
A single attack. Additional Effect: Snipe
Trick Attack 1000 450 3★ Thief, Bandit
A single attack. Additional Effect: Stun
Assassinate 1500 300 2★ Assassin, Slayer
Single attack + Boost + Petit Haste
Danse Macabre 800 800 1★ Dancer, Etoile
Single attack + Haste + Rainbow Shift


Deathblow is another name for coup de grâce.

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