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Clan Nutsy versus Roaming Naiads.
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Deep and dangerous bogland dotted with islands.

Uladon Bog (ウラドノ湿地, Uradon-shitchi?) is a swamp location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is unlocked after completing "Mission #015: Scouring Time" and is the site of "Mission #016 The Big Find".

In this mission, yet another clan attempts to turn Marche in for the bounty on his head placed by Bervenia Palace. After the clan is defeated, Marche catches a fleeting glimpse of a hidden person and begins to think that someone is spying on him. Uladon Bog is also the site of "Mission #028: Wanted!" and "Mission #085: Foreign Fiend". It can be freed in "Mission #252: Uladon Bog".


Roaming NaiadsEdit

Feared as a water-spirit by locals. Attacks those who come too close to the lake.

Turf DefenseEdit

Help Uladon!Edit

  • Icedrake
  • Ice Flan
  • Lamia
  • Lilith


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