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The Uhlan is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII.

Battle Edit

It is a sturdy and dangerous enemy, using missiles and ramming attacks to deal high physical damage. When fought alongside a PSICOM Tracker, the soldier can create a Targeting Beacon, which will float close to player parties. Uhlan then unleashes its Guided Missile attack to damage a large area around the beacon.

Strategy Edit

The simplest way to avoid the Guided Missile is to take out the Tracker(s) first, then have a Medic on call to avoid Missile Mayhem. After the Tracker is taken out, it is advisable to focus on the Beacon while employing Ravager abilities to stagger the Uhlan.

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit


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Etymology Edit

Uhlan were originally Polish light cavalry soldiers armed with lances, sabres, pistols, and rifles. Later they also served in the Prussian and Austrian armies. Similar troops also existed in other European armies, where they were instead known as "lancers" or "dragoons."

Gallery Edit

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

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