Many years ago, evil in the form of a merciless beast materialized in the city of Paddra. It was no ordinary creature, but one that devoured time instead of prey.
Paddra Nsu-Yeul explaining powers of Ugallu, Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Ugallu is a feral creature type belonging to the beast subtype present in Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, appearing exclusively in the Yaschas Massif.


Best of the Bestiary
The monster Ugallu once descended upon ancient Paddra. Many a l'Cie and mighty warrior faced the beast, but none were able to subjugate it. Only the seeress Paddra Nsu-Yeul of the Farseers knew the true extent of the menace it posed.

Ugallu was a monster from the seeress's future. Its very existence in her time was a contradiction, an impossibility. If it was not destroyed, the tear in spacetime would grow until it consumed the entire nation. So the seeress made the fateful decision to break her own vows and seal the beast within the Void Beyond.


Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

XIII Ugallu appears as a mark for missions 3 and 56.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

XIII-2 In the sequel it is revealed that Ugallu once posed a threat for Paddra which would eventually cause the city to be destroyed. Paddra Nsu-Yeul, despite the Farseer law that a seeress is prohibited from altering the timeline as this may cause a worse fate to come, decided to break these rules and sealed the creature in the Void Beyond.

Eventually, the seal started to weaken and Ugallu emerged in Yaschas Massif 110 AF. The leftover Ruby of Grief of Yeul tasks Serah Farron, Mog, and Noel Kreiss with defeating the beast. After Ugallu is defeated, Yeul thanks them and grants with the Ugallu Fragment.

The entire Crimson Memories fragment set from the various Yaschaf Massif instances must be collected before a time distortion appears in 110 AF; approaching it starts the cutscene leading to the mission to kill Ugallu and gain its fragment. Collecting Crimson Memories also unlocks the Fragmented Trophy/Achievement.

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In both of his appearances he is able to use Virulent Breath which may poison the target. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Ugallu gains access to Roar which bestow an array of positive status effects on him. He is always a fearsome foe with lot of HP and higher Magic than Strength. His elemental resistance change from game to game, as well his susceptibility to status ailments, but Imperil and Provoke works best in both games.


Ugallu was a lion-headed storm-demon and has the feet of a bird who featured on protective amulets and apotropaic yellow clay or tamarisk figurines of the first millennium BC but had its origins in the early second millennium.


  • The story of Ugallu largely contradicts its Final Fantasy XIII appearance by saying that Ugallu is a monster that threatened to destroy the city of Paddra and Yeul sealed it as in Final Fantasy XIII Ugallu can be encountered like a normal enemy, albeit requires triggering a proper mission at the Cie'th Stone.