The United States Air Force (USAF) forms the air-based military arm of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 's version of the United States in the year 2065. The USAF is seen primarily providing aerial vehicles for the USMF's use.

USAF VehiclesEdit

"Black Boa" Concept Transport CraftEdit

Black Boa

A one-of-the-kind transport shuttle capable of space travel, currently assigned to Aki Ross to assist in her recon work.

Copperhead Assault CraftEdit


A VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) assault transport for USMF troops. The Deep Eye squad lead by Captain Gray Edwards uses this model craft as their primary transport for their forays into the wastelands.

General Hein’s ShuttleEdit

The craft General Hein used to evacuate the New York Barrier City and transport to the Zeus Cannon in space. It is a MXOV-600 model.


  • All flying vehicles in the film have layouts that resemble an eagle in flight.