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Tubola, overrun by bandits.

These caves were once mined for their mythril.

Tubola Cave (ツァボラ洞窟, Tsabora dōkutsu?) is a cave location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It can be placed after "Mission #20: Present Day" is completed and is the site of "Mission #021: Hidden Vein".

Tubola Cave is also the site of "Mission #063: Missing Prof", "Mission #064: Den of Evil" (in which Jagd Helje is obtained), and "Mission #103: Mythril Rush". Tubola Cave can be freed in "Mission #256: Tubola Cave" after "Mission #020: Present Day" is completed.

Story Edit

In "Mission #021: Hidden Vein", Marche plans to lure his brother Doned to the cave to meet with him. Predictably, Doned once again attempts to do Marche in by telling a party of mythril miners that Marche is stealing their mythril. After the miners are eliminated, Marche reveals to Doned that he planned this setup to able to persuade his little brother to come home. After Marche explains to Doned that he was always shunned by his mother while Doned received all the attention, Doned agrees to help Marche return to the previous world.

Encounter Edit

Tubola Bandits Edit

Usually in their cave hideout, counting gil. Attacks any traveler carrying cash.

Turf Defense Edit

Help Tubola! Edit

  • Blue Mage
  • Hunter
  • Illusionist
  • Thief

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