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Tube (FFXI)

During the Crystal War in the history of Vana'diel in Final Fantasy XI, a number of smart bombs were designed by Adelheid Sturm to cripple the forces of the Beastmen Confederate. These levitating bombs known as "tubes", detonate after a set amount of time when a target is close. Each tube releases an area of effect "blast" that inflicts targets with a status ailment.

Numerous tubes have been stolen from Bastok by Quadav during the many raids against Grauberg. They have shared their stolen goods with the goblins, who reverse-engineered them, creating potent poison-inducing vials and flasks. The goblins in turn sold a number of these vials and flasks to the Orcish Hosts.

Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Bhogbigg's Grenade
  • Bhogbigg's Vial
  • Binding Tube
  • Effluvial Grenade
  • Paralyzing Tube
  • Silencing Tube
  • Virulent Flask

Special attacks Edit

  • Silencing Blast: AoE Silence. (Only used by Silencing Tubes)
  • Binding Blast: AoE Bind. (Only used by Binding Tubes)
  • Paralyzing Blast: AoE Paralyze. (Only used by Paralyzing Tubes)
  • Noxious Spray: AoE Poison.


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