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FFI Tsunami GBA

Tsunami in the original Final Fantasy (GBA).

Tsunami (大海嘯, Dai Kaishō?), also known as Tidal Wave, is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. It is always associated with the Water element, and has been used by player characters, enemies, and summons alike. Most of its appearances are the attack of the summon, Leviathan.


Final FantasyEdit

Tsunami, known as SWIRL in the original NES translation, is one of the four elemental attacks used by Chaos. It deals heavy non-elemental damage to the entire party.

In Dawn of Souls and further remakes, Tsunami is also used by Cagnazzo and can be seen as his signature ability.

Final Fantasy IIEdit

Tsunami VIII is a Matter-elemental attack used by the Sea Dragon and Sea Serpent that inflicts 40-180 damage to each party member.

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Tidal Wave is Leviathan's best attack and can only be cast when a Summoner calls it.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Tsunami is special magic ability used by Cagnazzo in both boss battles against him. The ability causes Water damage and may cause instant death. This ability is available to the party as an augment ability in the Nintendo DS version.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

Tsunami is Leviathan's attack when summoned and functions identically to its Final Fantasy IV appearance as being a non-elemental attack.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

Tsunami is an enemy ability used by the Flood Worm in the Underground Waterway. Lord Dragon use Tidal Wave, which is also Leviathan's signature attack as a summon.

Final Fantasy VEdit

Tidal Wave does massive Water-elemental damage to the entire party. It is used by Leviathan, Neo Shinryu, Shinryu, and Twintania. The Geomancer's Gaia can use Tsunami and Big Tsunami on Beaches, Walse Tower, Ocean, and Ship Graveyard to deal water damage to all enemies. The player may utilize this ability by catching and releasing a Stingray or Gorgimera.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Deluges enemies with a powerful tidal wave.

Tsunami, known as CleanSweep in earlier translations, is an enemy ability that inflicts Water-elemental damage to the whole party. Tsunami is used by the more formidable enemies such as Ultima Buster and Master Tonberry, and stronger Water based enemies such as the Blue Dragon. Many of the bosses exclusive to the Advance and smartphone releases have this ability in their arsenal, including Leviathan, Omega Weapon, and Kaiser Dragon.

Tsunami can also be learned as a Lore ability for Strago Magus. The ability costs 30 MP to cast, has a spell power of 50, and a hit rate of 150. Its use as a Lore can be compared to Aqua Breath, dealing Water-elemental damage to all enemies. Tsunami differs from Aqua Breath in that Aqua Breath also inflicts Wind-elemental damage. In addition, Tsunami ignores split spell damage across enemy groups (while Aqua Breath does not), making Tsunami a better choice for monster groups of four or more.

In the Advance release, the Leviathan summon uses Tidal Wave as its attack. It inflicts massive Water-elemental damage.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Cloud Summoning Leviathan Sketch


The boss Aps uses Sewer Tsunami in the fight underneath Midgar's slums. It deals damage to both the boss and the characters, but it deals more damage to whichever side it hits first. So, it can actually hurt Aps more than its target.

The summon Leviathan uses Tidal Wave as its attack. In the PlayStation Aeris demo release of the game, Leviathan is the only summon available, and its attack was originally called Tsunami.

Huge Tidal Wave is used by both Acrophies and Serpent, and deals Water-elemental damage to all targets, including the enemy, which results in healing said enemy.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

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Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Storyboard leviathan

Storyboard of Tsunami.

The Guardian Force Leviathan's attack is called Tsunami. It inflicts Water-elemental damage and sweeps common enemies killed by the attack off the field. Leviathan's summon time is 21.4s, which, according to the Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania, allows the player to boost its damage to around 230% of normal damage using a regular PlayStation controller.

Its damage is calculated as follows:[1]

Damage = 63 * Level / 10 + 47 + 10
Damage = Damage * (265 - TargetSpr) / 8
Damage = Damage * 47 / 256
Damage = Damage * Boost / 100
Damage = Damage * (100 + SummonMagBonus) / 100
Damage = Damage * (900 - ElemDef) / 100:

Elemental Defense starts at 800 (0%), 900 nullifies damage and 1000 absorbs it. If an enemy is shown to be weak against an element, its Elemental Defense is below 800. If damage becomes negative (due to high Elemental Defense), the target is healed by that amount.

Leviathan's summon attack was the first summon attack made for Final Fantasy VIII, to appear in a demo, where it is cast by Rinoa.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

During Zidane's solo battle with Black Waltz 1, the enemy Sealion's jewel may change colors from green to yellow to red. When the jewel is red, Sealion uses its most dangerous attack, Tsunami. Tidal Wave is used by Nova Dragon.

Tsunami is also the summon ability of the eidolon Leviathan that deals water damage to all opponents. It has two versions, long and short, with the long version being stronger and augmented by the number of Aquamarines in the player's inventory (see Summon (Final Fantasy IX)#Mechanics for damage formulae).

Final Fantasy XEdit

Tidal Wave is a mix created through the mixing of Dragon Scale, Fish Scale, and Water Gem as the main ingredients with several items. Tidal Wave deals heavy Water-elemental damage to random enemies, up to nine times.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Tidal Wave is a mix created by mixing a Water Gem with some regular recovery items, bombs, elemental items and greens. It deals four hits of heavy water damage to random enemies.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Tidal Wave is the Astral Flow blood pact of Leviathan. It costs twice the user's level in MP to active the command, and using it reduces their MP to 0. Tidal Wave is a Water-elemental area of effect attack.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

The Esper of Water, Famfrit, uses Tsunami as its ultimate attack. It will only cast Tsunami if its HP is below 30% of its maximum HP or if there are 10 seconds left in its summoning time. In the Zodiac Job System version of Final Fantasy XII, the player can unleash Tsunami at will.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

Tsunami returns as Famfrit's special ability in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. When used, the ability will deal heavy water-elemental damage to all foes extending in a straight line from Famfrit.

In addition, Tidal Wave appears as Leviathan's special attack. The ability deals massive water damage to all enemies in front of Leviathan when used.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Your flesh shall feed my minions of the deep!

Tidal wave is the signature attack used by the primal Leviathan. To safeguard against the destructive nature of the attack, the Elemental Converter aboard the Whorleater must have a sufficient strength rating of to create a powerful enough shield. This attack also breaks the railings in the Extreme version of the primal trial.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

By summoning the Scion Famfrit through the Ewer of Darkness, a player can attack all enemies with Tsunami.

The seeq Viking learns the ability Tsunami from the Hammerhead for 350 AP. It only works when the seeq is on a water tile, and deals HP and MP damage to units in a large targetable area. It costs 8 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a KingEdit

Tidal Wave is an ability used by Wyrm.

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Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

Tsunami is is used by the second and third forms of Chaos. When the ability is used it causes a giant wave of crimson water to attack all members of the opposing party, inflicting moderate water-elemental damage and causing poison. A separate ability called Tidal Wave is used by the Leviathan in both of its boss battles; it inflicts moderate water-elemental damage.

Bravely DefaultEdit

This version, named Torrent, is a high-level ability used by the Pirate job in Bravely Default. It is a water-based physical attack that costs 2 BP and hits multiple times, dealing up to 4.8 times the damage of a normal attack if every hit connects.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Tidal Wave is used by Leviathan. Leviathan can use it as an attack during the battle or as an ability after being summoned by the Warriors. The ability costs 56 MP and deals Water elemental damage to all targets.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

You've no escape!

One of Garland's HP attacks is named Tsunami, and involves him jumps up and throw his sword with a chain onto the floor. The sword then curls around the floor like a snake to hit the opponent with an explosion of water. The summon Leviathan also uses Tsunami, which decreases the opponent's Bravery continuously by a set value over a period of time.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Tsunami returns as one of Garlands HP attacks, costing 40 CP to equip (20 when mastered) and as a summon, the auto version being found in Chapter Five: Entrusted Power of Scenario 013, and the manual being purchased from certain Moogle Shops for 50 KP.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

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Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

Tidal Wave is the enemy ability that is used by Shinryu during battle.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo TalesEdit

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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's DungeonEdit

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[view  · edit  · purge]Tsunami is Japanese for "harbor wave". A tsunami is caused by the displacement of a massive amount of water in an ocean, sea or large lake.


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