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The True Moon.

The True Moon (真月, [missing rōmaji]?) is a location in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Appearing alongside the normal moon, many mistake it for the Red Moon at first. Its appearance causes panic on the planet, the arrival of a second moon and the events unfolding soon after echoing the events of seventeen years ago.

Story Edit

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The True Moon is actually a giant spacecraft, used by the Creator to travel across the universe as he uses Crystals to conduct experiments on the evolution of life. When the Creator's planet was abandoned his race lived aboard their fleet and perished before they could find a new home. The True Moon is a remnant of that fleet, and its innermost depths reflect its mechanical true nature.

At some point the True Moon visited the fifth planet in the solar system and left Crystals on it. The planet would eventually be destroyed and the Lunarians fled to Earth, creating a second moon to live on. When the Creator returns to collect the Crystals, the Creator's servants, the Maenads, discover that eight of the Crystals left on the Red Moon were taken to Earth, and so the Creator's attentions turn to the blue planet.

Having decided that the inhabitants of Earth have not evolved enough, the Creator decides to destroy them rather than let "inferior species" overrun the universe. He sends the Maenads to the planet to seize the Crystals, which contain data on the human race's evolution, and then begins to descend the moon to collide with the planet. Using the Lunar Whale the party flies to the True Moon and enters its depths to stop its descent. The Creator is destroyed and the True Moon departs the planet.

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Locations Edit


The True Moon's World Map.

The True Moon acts as the final dungeon of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and is comprised of forty-three floors divided into three areas: the Subterrane (BF1 - BF13), the Depths (BF1 - BF29), and the Bottommost Depths. An interdimensional elevator allows quick travel between designated floors and the surface, and also allows the player to change their party members. Later, players can access a location labeled "???" on the elevator, which takes them to the Tail Collector and the Developer's Office.

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Note: For monsters located inside the Moon, see Subterrane, Depths and Bottommost Depths.

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A natural satellite or moon is an astronomical body that orbits a planet or minor planet.