Triumphant Roar
MP 36
Effect Enhances Attack.
Duration 90 sec
Casting Time 3 sec
Recast Time 60 sec
Magic Type Blue Magic
Element Fire
Jobs BLU 71

Triumphant Roar is a spell learned from Gargouilles in Final Fantasy XI. It enhances the user's attack stat. It grants STR+3 when set and costs 3 Blue Magic Points to set.

  • Increases attack by approximately 15% for a maximum duration of 60 seconds.
  • This spell creates its own unique Attack Boost effect and thus stacks with other Attack Boosts, such as Berserk, Warcry and Boost.
  • Self-target only, but can be spread to other party members if cast after using the ability Diffusion.
  • Appears to generate more enmity than most Blue Magic spells in the game, especially when cast after Diffusion.
  • Gargouilles only use this ability while standing on the ground. They will not use it while flying.