Triple S, meaning Sector Seven Scavengers, is the name of Denzel's gang in On the Way to a Smile: The Case of Denzel. They were founded by a group of children orphaned by the fall of the plate over Midgar Sector 7 and later the destruction of the entire city by Meteor. Members include Denzel, his friend Rick, and several others.

Together they gathered scrap metal from the ruins and sold it to the busting population of Midgar now building a replacement city in Edge. However, when heavy machinery entered Sector 7 to better clear the ruins and when Geostigma scared away many of the children, Triple S was limited to just Denzel and Rick. It was finally abandoned completely when Denzel inadvertently insulted Rick by making a foul remark about the people of the Midgar Slums. The members found lives in adoption shelters, such as the life Denzel found in the home of Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife.