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The Trickface is an enemy monster in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

Combat Edit

Trickfaces are aerial creatures surrounded by either Dark Flames or Sacred Lights. When they are spun horizontally they will switch their element and fall to the ground after an energy explosion, in Dark mode they will mainly attack with Fire Breath and their tackle attack and in Light mode they will shoot Holy Beams and perform healing spells.

When on the ground the player is able to capture them in order to force them to use their magic, it is recommended to only use them in their Dark mode for their Fire Breath powers, as in their Light mode they will use Cure Magic projectiles instead, which can heal the enemy. Even though they are more of an asset than a threat for the player, it is best not to leave them unattended as they have the ability to heal wounded monsters when they are in their Holy elemental state.

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