The Trick Sparrow is a flying enemy from Final Fantasy IX. The party can find them in Bentini Heights on the Mist Continent. Zidane can also fight them during the Festival of the Hunt in Lindblum. They are weak enemies that pose no big threat to the party at the time they are fought.


Formations Edit

Enemies Frequency AP
Can't escape. Defeat does not result in Game Over. Characters do not pose on victory. No rewards given.
Trick Sparrow 100% 1
Carve Spider 25% 1
Carve Spider x2 25% 2
Trick Sparrow 25% 1
Trick Sparrow x2 25% 2
Carve Spider 17% 1
Carve Spider x2 18% 2
Trick Sparrow 17% 1
Trick Sparrow x2 18% 2
Trick Sparrow, Carve Spider 30% 2

Gallery Edit