Trial Mode stage 99.

Trial Mode is a bonus mode made exclusively for the Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System. Using the save data from the game, the Trial Mode will load the characters and their current stats, which means if there are guests in the data, they will be loaded into the Trial mode as well.

There are 100 stages within the Trial Mode. After completing each 10th stage, the player can save their progress and receive a reward. Trial Mode saves and Game Data saves are meant to be separated, because if the Game Data is overwritten by the Trial Mode save, the Game Data will be lost. There is no shop accessible between stages, so the player should bring as many useful items as possible before starting the Trial Mode.


Optional means that specific enemy is not mandatory to defeat to end the fight, and is not even necessary for it to appear. For example, against the Ba'Gamnan gang, defeating the leader will end the fight instantly, therefore his allies are optional.

Stage 1 - 10Edit

  1. Dire Rat x6
  2. Thextera, Alpha Wolf, Alpha Hyena
  3. Flowering Cactoid, Cactoids x2, Cactite x4, Ripe Rampager (optional)
  4. Razorfin, Ichthon x4
  5. Nekhbet, Werewolf, Cockatrice x4
  6. Cluckatrice, Chickatrice x4
  7. Judge x2, Imperial Swordsman x2 (optional), Imperial Magus (optional)
  8. Bagoly x6, Imdugud (optional)
  9. Liches x3, Cultsworn Lich (optional)
  10. Belias

Rewards: 1,000 Gil, Hi-Potion x10, Handkerchief x15, Phoenix Down x20

Stage 11 - 20Edit

  1. Croakadile
  2. 8 Jelly x8, Melt (optional)
  3. Tiamat
  4. Panther x5
  5. Elder Wyrm, Treant x2 (optional)
  6. Mateus, Ice Azer x5 (optional)
  7. Mindflayer x3
  8. Ring Wyrm
  9. Earth Tyrant
  10. Vulture x6

Rewards: 2,000 Gil, Phoenix Down x10, Lowtown Spirit x5

Stage 21 - 30Edit

  1. King Bomb, Bombs x3 (optional)
  2. Topstalk, Deadly Nightshade x8
  3. Pumpkin Star, Pumpkin Head x8
  4. Mandragora Prince, Mandragora x8
  5. Onion Queen, Wild Onion x8
  6. Alraune King, Alraune x8
  7. Topstalk, Pumpkin Star, Mandragora Prince, Onion Queen, Alraune King
  8. Wendice, Striker x2, Cubus (optional)
  9. Ahriman, Ahriman copy x6 (optional)
  10. Gil Snapper, Storm Elemental x3 (optional), Bansat (supports the party)

Reward - 3000 Gil, Ether x10, Echo Herb x15

Stage 31 - 40Edit

  1. Bansat, Seeq Fisher x4, Apsara (optional)
  2. Zalera, Dead Bones x4 (optional)
  3. Scythe Mantis x4
  4. Marilith, Bogey x3 (optional)
  5. Adrammelech, Skulwyrm x2 (optional)
  6. Dreadguard, Mirrorknight x4
  7. Behemoth x5
  8. Mythril Golem x3
  9. Shemhazai, Ose x2 (optional)
  10. Gavial, Baritine Croc x2

Reward - 4000 Gil, Phoenix Down x10, Reverse Mote x3

Stage 41 - 50Edit

  1. Orthros, White Mousse x3
  2. Cúchulainn, Foobar x4 (optional)
  3. Deathclaw x4, Pallicant (optional)
  4. Antlion, Killer Mantis x4
  5. Vishno, Brainpan x2, Deidar x2, Crusader x16-32 (optional)
  6. Purobolos x6
  7. Aeronite x2
  8. Tower, Zombie Warlock x16-32 (optional)
  9. Hashmal, Reaver x2 (optional)
  10. Famfrit, Abaddon x3 (optional)

Reward - 5000 Gil, X-Potion x10, Chronos Tear x15

Stage 51 - 60Edit

  1. Helvinek, Oversoul x2
  2. Catoblepas, War-chief Supinelu (supports the party)
  3. War-chief Supinelu, Garif Adventurer x2
  4. Deathscythe, Reaper x2
  5. Tyrant, Piscodaemon x3
  6. Larva Eater, Elvoret x4
  7. Helm-Rook x2, Spinner-Rook x2, Sphere-Rook x2
  8. Trickster, Black Chocobo, Red Chocobo, Brown Chocobo, Green Chocobo
  9. Ba'Gamnan, Rinok (optional), Gijuk (optional), Bwagi (optional), Monid (supports the party)
  10. Monid, Bangaa Hunter x2, Rabanastre Watch x2

Reward - 6000 Gil, Phoenix Down x10, Scathe Mote x3

Stage 61 - 70Edit

  1. Baknamy (sword) x2, Baknamy (gun) x3, Baknamy x3
  2. Vorpal Bunny, Biding Mantis (optional), Vampyr (optional)
  3. Ozmone Hare, Mu, Wyrdhare, Vorpal Bunny, Fury
  4. Humbaba Mistant x2, Vorres (optional)
  5. Deathgaze, Vyraal x2
  6. Master Joe, Bangaa Pugilist x5
  7. Shield Wyrm, Dheed
  8. Exodus, Golem x2 (optional)
  9. Wild Malboro, Cassie x4 (optional), Spee (optional)
  10. Carrot, Vivian x4 (optional), Crypt Bunny (optional), Krjn (supports the party)

Reward - 7000 Gil, Hi-Ether x10, C9H8O4(Vaccine) x15

Stage 71 - 80Edit

  1. Krjn, Viera Hunter x5
  2. Diabolos, Avenger, Overlord
  3. Salamand Entite, Fire Elemental x4
  4. Mardu Entite, Storm Elemental x4
  5. Leshach Entite, Ice Elemental x4
  6. Gnoma Entite, Earth Elemental x4
  7. Undin Entite, Water Elemental x4
  8. Sylphi Entite, Air Elemental x4
  9. Luxollid, Diakon Entite x2
  10. Vagrant Soul, Leamonde Entite x2

Reward - 8000 Gil, Elixir x3, Bubble Mote x2

Stage 81 - 90Edit

  1. Zeromus, Dark Lord x120-240 (optional)
  2. High Reaver x2, Reaver x3, Crystal Knight (optional)
  3. Giruveganus x3
  4. Chaos, Wind Chaosjet (optional), Earth Chaosjet (optional), Fire Chaosjet (optional), Water Chaosjet (optional)
  5. Pylraster, Abelisk, Terror Tyrant
  6. Rikken, Elza, Pirates x6
  7. Hell Wyrm
  8. Disma, Forbidden x32-48 (optional), Evil Spirit (optional)
  9. Fafnir
  10. Behemoth King

Reward - 9000 Gil, Megalixir x2, Remedy x15

Stage 91 - 100Edit

  1. Magick Pot, Hecteyes x72-144 (optional)
  2. Shadowseer, Fenrir, Slyt, Pandaemonium, Phoenix
  3. Lv.99 Red Chocobo x3
  4. Gilgamesh, Enkidu (optional)
  5. Ultima
  6. Abysteel x36-72, Glaring Eye (optional)
  7. Zodiark
  8. Yiazmat
  9. Omega Mark XII
  10. Judge Gabranth, Judge Ghis, Judge Bergan, Judge Drace, Judge Zargabaath

Reward - "New Game+" Mode


The Trial Mode was added in the game due to a flaw in the original version of Final Fantasy XII where players who bother to unlock the game's best weapons, will find they don't have any strong enough monsters left to try their best weapons on. The Trial Mode was envisioned as a challenge for this very purpose. Hiroyuki Ito, the director of Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System, had heard that the bonus fight mode added to the Game Boy Advance version of Final Fantasy VI was popular, so he wanted to try something similar.[1] Trial Mode is specifically designed to be impossible to clear all 100 stages on the same gambit settings.[2]