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FFT Move-Find

Treasure Hunter in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Treasure Hunter (アイテム発見移動, Aitemu hakken idō?), also known as Master Thief (目利きの手触り, Mekiki no Tezawari?), Rare Item (レアアイテム, Rea Aitemu?), Item Collector, Pickpocket, or Bandit, is an ability in the Final Fantasy series that typically allows players to increase the chance of gaining rarer items, from battle, either via item drops or stealing, or both. In terms of its functionality, it shares its traits with the Thief Gloves and the Thief's Hat which also increase the rates of stealing.

A similar ability, Sticky Fingers increases the rate of successfully stealing.


Final Fantasy IVEdit

Treasure Hunter is an augment ability in the 3D versions that doubles the drop rate of items. It is received automatically once every map is completed.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

The Mog's Amulet accessory makes all items dropped by or stolen from enemies to always be rare items. Mog's Amulet can be bought from Sector 7 Shop for 10,000 gil. The Jeweled Ring doubles the amount of items or Materia dropped by defeated enemies and adds 20 to Luck.

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Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

In the game data, every enemy has four item "slots" that contain all the possible steal and item drop combination possibilities. Usually higher slots have better items. Rare Item doubles the drop rate of the second item slot, and reduces the chances of getting any items in the fourth slot to 0, meaning it can actually prevent the player from obtaining certain items. Both Mug and item drops work the same way and Rare Item affects them both. The ability is learned on the GF Bahamut for 250 AP.

Slot 0 1 2 3
Without Rare Item 178/256 51/256 15/256 12/256
With Rare Item 128/256 114/256 14/256 0/256

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Master Thief is a support ability for Zidane. It is learned from the Thief Gloves-type of armlets armor, it multiplies the chance of obtaining rare items by 32, giving a 1/8th chance of stealing the item, and it multiplies the chance obtaining semi-rare items by two, also giving a 1/8 chance of stealing the item. It takes 50 AP to master, and requires Magic Stone x5 to equip.

Final Fantasy XEdit

The Pickpocket ability is an auto-ability for armor. It increases the chance of stealing rare items to half, leaving the other half chance open to a common steal. It can be customized to an armor by using Amulet x30.

The Master Thief ability is an auto-ability for armor. An improved version of Pickpocket, it allows the player to always steal rare items, removing the possibility of making a common steal. It can be customized to an armor by using Pendulum x30.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Double Items is an ability learned on the Lady Luck dressphere. It requires mastering Gillionaire beforehand and takes 100 AP to master. It doubles the drop rate of items after battle, and is stackable with the other party members' Double Items if they have it mastered. It can also be accessed by passing through the red gate on the Treasure Hunt Garment Grid.

Item Hunter is an ability learned on the Thief dressphere that requires 60 AP to master and increases the odds of items dropping. The Thief's Master Thief also lets the character steal rare items from opponents for the cost of 20 MP.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Treasure Hunter is an ability available to thieves. Treasure Hunter is a passive skill, meaning that when a player is a level 15 or higher thief, it is always in effect. When a creature is defeated, Treasure Hunter may let a party obtain more and better items from the creature's normal loot table. It is an extension of Gilfinder, a level 5 thief ability. At level 45, a thief gets Treasure Hunter 2, increasing the effectiveness of Treasure Hunter.

Due to its nature, potentially making players rich, there is wild speculation on how Treasure Hunter's success rate is decided, but no stat other than "Enhances Treasure Hunter" has ever been confirmed to affect it.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

There is no equippable ability to make enemies drop more items, but the player can acquire rare loot from enemies by acquiring different Monographs that are otherwise unobtainable. Monographs give a fixed percentage of the dropped loot of being of the rare kind and is unaffected by the Chain.

Stealing is unaffected by battle chain. The only way to improve the chance to steal better items is to equip the Thief's Cuff accessory.

All stealable items are divided into three categories:

  • High chance: 55%
  • Mid chance: 10%
  • Low chance: 3%

With the Thief's Cuff accessory, the chances increase to:

  • High chance: 80%
  • Mid chance: 30%
  • Low chance: 6%

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

The accessory Connoisseur's Catalog has the passive ability Item Collector that doubles the chance of receiving rare spoils after battle. It is acquired by using the catalyst item Mnar Stone on a maxed out Collector's Catalog.

Collector's Catalog doubles the chance of receiving normal items after battle, and Survivalist Catalog doubles the chance of receiving Shrouds. The catalogs can be equipped all at once, and do not boost or hinder each others' performance.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

The passive ability Item Collector raises the chance to obtain rare items after battle; Item Scavenger does the same for common items. Paradigm Pack allies can learn them, or they can be an effect achieved by equipping accessories. Only the highest value is used; these abilities do not stack. A monster whose trait is Resourceful learns one of them. Item Collector increases the drop rate of rare items to the maximum of 4.2 times normal; Item Scavenger MAX, common items to six times normal. Gilfinder bonuses do stack, but the maximum is only +250%.

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Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

For a list of items found with Treasure Hunter, see individual location articles.

Treasure Hunter (known as Move-Find Item in the original version) is a movement ability available to the Chemist Job class. The ability allows characters to discover hidden items upon moving to a tile. The lower the character's Bravery the better the chances of finding rare items with the Treasure Hunter ability. As characters with low Bravery can permanently leave the party, Rapha is an ideal Treasure Hunter, as she naturally has low Bravery.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

The Bandit job lets the player receive more items from enemies as battle spoils. The Merchant job does the same for Gems. The Fortune Egg accessory doubles the amount of items dropped from battle. It is found in the Star Chamber or bought in the multiplayer shop in Guera for 3,000 points.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Enemies are more likely to drop items.
—Description for Item Finder

Thieves have access to "Item Finder" as its job level 5 ability, and "Treasure Hunter" (rare item) as its job level 20 ability.

The Treasure Band accessory also increases the chances of enemies dropping rare items.

It seems that the effect of equipment are stackable.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

Treasure Hunter is a special ability with three levels of power, usable by Locke, Zidane and Vaan, and the Lv1 version can be taught to any party member using the Pillager's Tome. During the entire stage, Treasure Hunter increases the chance of the player finding rare items, higher level versions offering greater increases.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's DungeonEdit

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