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Treasure Hunts are an activity in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. By obtaining timeworn map via Gathering, players can dig up Treasure Coffers containing loot.

These coffers are rigged with a trap though: upon first attempting to open it, several monsters will appear, sometimes in waves, and must be defeated in order to claim its contents. While most of these maps and the coffers they lead to can be obtained solo, in some cases it's safer to bring another player, as the treasure will be forfeit if slain by the monsters. Peisteskin and Dragonskin maps are the only ones that explicitly recommend a full party.

Some coffers may contain an "unhidden leather map," which leads to a second coffer containing more exotic loot (and exotic creatures). All treasure maps (excluding Mysterious Maps) can be sold to other players on Market Boards.


A player may obtain a timeworn map from a gathering node or fishing node, with a twenty-hour lockout after obtaining it. While nodes have a randomized grade of map that may appear, each fishing hole has a set map grade tied to it (and as of Version 3.0, the Snagging ability must be turned on to fish one up).

These restrictions do not apply to maps purchased from the Market Board.

Types of treasure mapsEdit

Timeworn Leather MapsEdit

These grade 1 maps are recommended for Level 40 or higher players solo, and as such are the the easiest to obtain. Conversely though, the treasure tends be fairly minimal value.

Timeworn Goatskin MapsEdit

These grade 2 maps are recommended for Level 45 or higher players solo. The rewards are proportionately better than leather maps.

Timeworn Toadskin MapsEdit

These grade 3 maps are recommended for Level 50 or higher players solo.

Timeworn Boarskin MapsEdit

These grade 4 maps are recommended for Level 50 or higher players solo, and are generally slightly harder than Toadskin maps. Unhidden Leather Maps may sometimes be found in these coffers.

Timeworn Peisteskin MapsEdit

These grade 5 maps are recommended for a full party of Level 50 or higher players, and contain tough creatures. Players at higher levels may be able to solo these.

Timeworn Archeoskin MapsEdit

These grade 6 maps are recommended for Level 55 or higher players solo. These coffers are located in Heavensward areas.

Timeworn Wyvernskin MapsEdit

These grade 7 maps are recommended for Level 60 players solo. These coffers are located in Heavensward areas.

Timeworn Dragonskin MapsEdit

These grade 8 maps are recommended for a full party of Level 60 players, and contain the toughest creatures. These coffers are located in Heavensward areas.

Unhidden Leather MapsEdit

These maps are recommended for Level 50 players solo, and are roughly on par with Boarskin maps in difficulty. These coffers are one of the few sources for crystal clusters used in high-end crafting recipes.

Unhidden maps can be found in Boarskin or higher grade map coffers, albeit rarely.

Mysterious MapsEdit

These special maps can be collected once a Sphere Scroll is obtained for upgrading Relic Weapons from Animus to Novus stage. The coffers they lead to only contain the catalyst Alexandrite, which are essential for inscribing Materia into the Sphere Scroll.

While most of these Mysterious Maps can be undertaken solo, the monsters they summon are considerably challenging, and may be safer to do them in a party.

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