Traveler in Final Fantasy VI (SNES).

Deals damage to an enemy equal to 1/32 of the party's total steps taken.
—Description, Final Fantasy VI.

Traveler (歩数ダメージ, Hosū Damēji?, lit. Step Count Damage; and 歩数攻撃, Hosū Kōgeki?, lit. Step Count Attack) is a recurring ability from the series that consists on dealing damage, based on the number of steps the party has taken.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

VI Traveler, also known as Step Mine, is a Lore spell for Strago. It deals damage to a target equal to the number of steps the party has taken throughout the game divided by 32. It costs an amount of MP equal to the number of minutes the game has been played divided by 30, but not greater than 255. Gau can also use Traveler as a Rage, and it costs him 0 MP to use.

Enemies using this ability will use the player's amount of steps for the damage calculation. To achieve the max damage of 9999, the player would have to walk at least 319,998 steps. It can be learned from Brachiosaur, Crawler, Dark Force, Fafnir, Intangir, Master Tonberry, Onion Dasher, Tonberry, and Unseelie.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

XII Traveler is a technick that causes physical attack damage to multiple targets around the user. It is based on the number of steps the player has taken since last dealing damage with it.

The calculation depends on this formula:

Steps taken (n) Formula
0 to 99 n×1
100 to 499 n×2
500 to 989 n×3
990 to 999 n×10

A hidden counter keeps track of this data. Whenever the counter reaches over 999, or damage is dealt with the technick, it resets to 0. Traveler has a success rate of 100% and will never miss. It can be bought in technick shops in Rabanastre and Nalbina Fortress for 6,700 gil and can be learned from the License Board for 65 LP.

In the Zodiac versions, Traveler can be used by the Machinist, Archer and Shikari jobs, and Monk and Foebreaker can learn it if they acquire the Esper Zalera's license first. In these versions, it is available from technick shops after the party obtains the Dawn Shard and is also available from a treasure in Trial Mode Stage 31 with a Diamond Armlet.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


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