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FFL3 There are six types of classes in Final Fantasy Legend III: Humans, Mutants, Beasts, Monsters, Cyborgs, and Robots.



Humans are very good with weapons, and little else. Humans hit hard, and are typically restricted to attacking a single enemy each round. This makes Humans optimal for boss battles and weak enemies. The use of weapons with an elemental or status effect properties when fighting enemies with FFLIII StrengthDamage to avoid the damage resistance. Humans lose their advantage toward the end of the game, when Mystic Swords become available.

  • 2x damage with most weapons
  • Can equip equipment
  • Medium overall stats; low MP and magic power
  • Cannot use Talents

Upon hitting 999 in either HP or MP, a character will still gain more HP/MP upon level up. Exceeding the limit of 999 HP/MP, making the Human and Mutant class the more powerful classes in the game at higher levels. The only draw back is that the player will need to be at a higher level to take advantage of this, which means that it will take lots of grinding.


This class is called Esper in the Japanese version. Mutants are the magic specialists, and are as versatile as their magic inventory increases. Optimize spell damage by targeting the enemy's elemental weaknesses and avoiding their strengths. They can do decent weapon damage by using weapons with mutant bonuses. Mutants are more useful toward the end of the game, when powerful spells and MP-restoring items become available.

  • 2x damage with attack spells
  • Can equip equipment
  • Medium overall stats; low HP and attack power
  • Cannot use Talents

Upon hitting 999 in either HP or MP, a character will still gain more HP/MP upon level up. Exceeding the limit of 999 HP/MP, making the Mutant and Human class the more powerful classes in the game at higher levels. The only draw back is that the player will need to be at a higher level to take advantage of this, which means that it will take lots of grinding.


Beasts get a little bit of everything. They can use weapons, talents, and magic and are especially good with martial arts (Skill weapons). Choose a beast with high attack to maximize martial arts damage, or one with high magic to have more MP for healing spells.

  • 1.5x damage with martial arts
  • Can use both equipment and Talents
  • Medium overall stats


Monsters are identical to their enemy counterparts, and they can also use magic. They are useful when money is short, because they are fully functional with no equipment. The drawback is they get no defensive benefit from armor and can't use weapons in battle either. They can still hold the equipment though. Due to their high stats, they make good healers and meat shields.

  • Fully powered with no investment
  • Can use Talents
  • High overall stats
  • Cannot use weapons, and Talents don't hit as hard as weapons
  • No benefit from equipment, and some have elemental weakness
  • No combat specialties


Cyborgs, like beasts, can use weapons, talents, and magic, but have no specialties. This can be offset by their high stats. Cyborgs can be good at anything if given strong equipment as they depend on equipment for most of their stats. In addition to the same benefits that other classes get from equipment, cyborgs also get bonuses that depend on the type and strength of the equipment. Cyborgs are best when Mystic Swords become available.

Equipment Stat Raised
Primary Secondary
Weapon & Shield HP Attack
Helmet & Armor HP Defense
Gloves & Shoes MP Agility
Others & Others MP Magic
  • Can use both equipment and Talents
  • Highest overall stats if well equipped
  • Requires best available equipment for best results
  • No combat specialties


The stats of the robots will be greatly atrophied compared to enemy robots. However, by consuming capsules, the stats are gradually increased, permanently. The benefits cannot be transferred to other characters. The maximum bonus that a robot can get from capsules is 999 for HP and 99 for Attack, Defense and Agility. This is added to the robot's base stats and the equipment effects to give the final stats. In this way, robots can be made stronger than any other class. Due to the high, but constant, cost of capsules, robot development is easier later in the game. The other problem with robots is their inability to use magic.

  • Good damage with robot Talents
  • Can use both equipment and talents
  • Highest non-magic stats if well upgraded
  • Player controls stat growth
  • Requires costly capsules; capsule bonuses are non-transferable
  • Cannot use magic



When the player defeats an enemy, there are times when they are presented with Meat or Parts that "eating" or "installing" them, a character can change his or her Class and undergo a transformation. When a character eats Meat or install Parts, he or she may change elements, attain new HP and MP levels, or adopt new Talents, strengths and abilities.

FFLIII Large Meat

A character can change into a different type by either eating Meat or installing Parts left from an enemy. The controlling element of the new type is dependent on two things: the controlling element of the character, and the controlling element of the enemy that left the Meat or Parts. The following chart can be used to determine the new controlling element of the character.

Element ChartEdit

Character's Element Enemy's Element
Earth Water Fire Air
Earth Earth Fire Air Water
Water Air Water Earth Fire
Fire Water Air Fire Earth
Air Fire Earth Water Air

Once the player have the new controlling element of what the character will change into, use the follow charts to see what type of creature the character will turn into be.

Monster <=> Beast <=> Human/Mutant <=> Cyborg <=> Robot

Meat will make the character transform towards the left and parts will make them transform toward the right. For example, a Robot needs to eat four pieces of meat to become a Monster, and a Monster need to install parts twice to become a Human or Mutant. However, once a character is a Beast or Monster it will change into whatever type of Meat it eats. Similarly, a Cyborg and Robot will change into whatever part it installs.



The following chart can use to see what kind of creature they'll become.

Level Earth Water Fire Air
1-2 Worm Turtle F-Drake Raven
3-4 Wolf Ray Wisper Big Eye
5-6 Fungus Starfish Baby-D Gargoyle
7-8 LandWorm Adamant F-Liz. Amprex
9-10 Scorpion Angler Fireball Evil Eye
11-12 Mushroom Pentagon DualMask Ghost
13-14 GigaWorm Igasaur Salamand Griffon
15-16 GreyWolf DrainRay Tire BabyWyrm
17-18 Snake Octopus Young Remora
19-20 BlackCat Squid D. Bone Typhoon
21-22 Hunter BulbFish Wheel Wyrm Kid
23-24 Serpent Ammonite EvilMask Specter
25-26 MummyCat Amoeba D. Fossil Tempest
27-28 Romulus BoltRay FireFan Wyrm
29-30 Hydra Kraken Kraken Hydra
31-99 Sei-Ryu Sei-Ryu Garuda Garuda


Level Earth Water Fire Air
1-2 Silver Orc-Orc Diviner Sprite
3-4 Fighter SeaMonk Broomer Nymph
5-6 Kelpie Mad Boar Thoth Familiar
7-8 Mustang Pirate Witch Fairy
9-10 Warrior SaltMonk Magician Pixie
11-12 Centaur Werepig Horus Fiend
13-14 Nitemare Viking Wizard Sylph
15-16 Liz Man Brooder Watcher Thanos
17-18 Medusa Fish Man Osiris Loki
19-20 Lamia Merman Hermit Soarx
21-22 Liz Duke Big Head Mage Siren
23-24 Naga Nix Set Mephisto
25-26 Scylla Selkie Sorcerer Succubus
27-28 Liz King Dagon Warlock Sphinx
29-30 Echidna Gill Man Gill Man Echidna
31-99 Anubis Anubis Anubis Aeshma


Level Earth/Water Fire/Air
1-2 Hooligan Quacky
3-4 Thief Talker
5-6 Headless Stranger
7-8 Burgler Imposter
9-10 Brigand Busybody
11-12 Duke LoonyGuy
13-14 Outlaw Cracker
15-16 Soldier Rumorer
17-18 Dullahan Ronin
19-20 Terorist Samurai
21-22 Commando Tattler
23-24 Brain Hatamoto
25-26 HiredGun Daimyo
27-28 SS Virago
29-30 Shogun Shogun
31-99 Removed Removed


Level Earth/Water Fire/Air
1-2 Orb Rat Flower
3-4 Tomtom Trixter
5-6 AirMaid Cosmos
7-8 Jerrit IronRose
9-10 Maitie Con Man
11-12 Iron Lady Reaper
13-14 Spectrat Cactus
15-16 Guard Beguiler
17-18 Valkyrie Bazooka
19-20 Keeper 75mm
21-22 Moniter Swindler
23-24 Iken 105mm
25-26 Searcher 150mm
27-28 Alert Hustler
29-30 210mm 210mm
31-99 Venus Venus

Reverting backEdit

The Flushex enables the lead character to revert back to their original Class. Once the player has found the Flushex Unit, they can use it to return to their original form if they've changed forms by eating meat or installing parts. To change back, walk through the wall to the right of the Talon's exit and step into the thing found there.

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