Well... my time is almost up. Time to die, everyone!
—Trance Kuja

Trance Kuja is one of the final bosses in Final Fantasy IX. The party fights him in the Crystal World after Deathguise has been defeated. Additionally, a cinematic Trance Kuja enemy can be fought atop Pandemonium.


Battle Edit

FFIX Dragon Crest

Trance Kuja in battle.

Trance Kuja casts Curaga to replenish his HP and Reflect on himself in addition to Flare and Holy. He periodically casts Flare Star against the party and also as a counter when his HP becomes low.

If party members have Auto-Reflect, Trance Kuja will target only those without the Reflect status with Flare and Holy.

Upon defeat, Trance Kuja will cast Ultima on the party, who are sent to the Hill of Despair, where Necron is fought.

Strategy Edit

For defense, it is best to use Shell although this will not mitigate the damage done by Flare Star. The support abilities, such as Auto-Regen, Auto-Haste, and Auto-Life, will provide extra defense but are not necessary.

It is best to equip the abilities Bird Killer and MP Attack to boost damage output when using normal physical attacks. If leveled up correctly, Zidane's Thievery skill, Freya's Dragon's Crest, and Quina's Frog Drop can all inflict maximum damage against Trance Kuja. Additionally, Steiner's Shock ability can deal an extreme amount of damage.

Vivi should cast Flare, or if the player has Shadow protection on all party members, Doomsday. Eiko and Dagger should concentrate on healing the party with Curaga and occasionally summon eidolons.

Amarant should equip his Kaiser Knuckles as they provide extra damage with their Wind element, or throw Wing Edges. He can also support the party by using his ability Aura to cast Regen and Auto-Life upon members.

The player should refrain from attacking too often when Trance Kuja's HP starts to run low as he counterattacks more frequently with Flare Star, which could spell disaster for the party if done twice in a row.

Musical themes Edit

"The Darkness of Eternity", also known as "Dark Messenger", plays during this battle.

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FFRK Trance Kuja FFIX
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