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Trance is induced by a surge of emotion.
—Steiner in battle

Trance (トランス, Toransu?) is a gameplay term in Final Fantasy IX. It is this installment's Limit Break system, and temporarily transforms a character into a more powerful form, that increases all physical damage by 1.5 (except for Steiner). While in Trance party members have their innate unique skills enhanced in some fashion, but the transformation is only temporary.

Entering TranceEdit

FFIX Trance Meter

Trance is induced by a surge of powerful emotions. Thus, in three battles during which time they are particularly emotional, Zidane, Vivi and Steiner automatically enter Trance at the beginning of the battle.

During a time when she is going through emotional turmoil, Princess Garnet's Trance bar will not fill and the bar will not even be displayed. The temporary player characters, Marcus, Blank, Cinna, and Beatrix, have no Trance gauges. Besides these exceptions, the events of the plot have nothing to do with how Trance functions as a game mechanic regardless of the game explanation for what causes Trance to occur.

Steiner enters Trance.

Trance is accumulated over time as the character is attacked. As they take damage from enemies, the bar underneath their ATB bar fills. If a character is afflicted with Zombie, the Trance bar is reduced to zero. Once the Trance bar is filled, the character automatically enters Trance. When entering Trance, the characters' attributes rise, they are healed of all status ailments (but are not immune to them), and certain special abilities can be used, dependent on the character that has entered Trance. The Trance bar then gradually decreases with every action taken. Trance is reverted when the bar is depleted, when the battle ends, or by being inflicted with the Zombie status ailment. If the battle ends while the Trance bar is still partially full while in Trance, the bar will be emptied after the battle.

In a rare case of Limit Breaks not being exclusive to the party, Trance is not exclusive to the playable cast due to the explanation for how it is achieved. Eiko's pet moogle, Mog, enters Trance as a result of her strong desire to protect Eiko, revealing her true form as the eidolon Madeen. Kuja achieves Trance using the soul of Queen Brahne. However, compared to the party's Trances, the Trance Kuja enters is explicitly stated to be much stronger due to the magnitude of Brahne's negative emotions, and thus he is able to sustain the transformation for an extended period of time.

The amount that the Trance gauge fills up is equal to a random MOD Spirit. If the ability High Tide is equipped, the gauge fills up equal to the character's Spirit stat instead.

The amount that the Trance gauge decreases while in Trance is as follows:

Deduction Rate = ([(300 - Level) / Spirit] * 10) MOD 256

Certain types of actions unique to a character can empty out the Trance gauge less than other actions. For instance, when Vivi uses Black Magic in Trance, the action spends less of the Trance bar than it would have if Vivi used an item.

List of TrancesEdit

Character Description
Zidane Skill command changes to Dyne, which grants special attacks at the cost of MP and Trance.
Dagger Summon command changes to Eidolon, increasing the chance of a summon having a stronger attack (full animation) and the summoned eidolon has a chance of reappearing, and will continue to reappear at random intervals. The random summons do not use up MP, but are weaker than regular summonings.
Vivi Blk Mag command changes to Dbl Blk, allowing Vivi to cast two consecutive Black Magic spells per turn, providing he has MP for both. The spells still count as two actions, and deplete the Trance gauge individually.
Steiner Does not have any actual Trance skills, but his physical attack power triples. If attacking with the Blood Sword, Steiner will only get the normal 50% increase bonus instead.
Freya Jump ability changes; Freya stays in the air instead of landing after a Jump. While airborne, she rains spears on all enemies whenever it is her turn. When her Trance gauge expires, or battle ends, she performs a final attack and lands.
Quina Eat command changes to Cook, raising the requirement for an enemy's health to 1/4 or lower (instead of 1/8 or lower) in order to "eat" the enemy.
Eiko Wht Mag changes to Dbl Wht, allowing Eiko to cast two consecutive White Magic spells in one turn, providing she has MP for both. Like Vivi's Double Black, both spells will deplete the Trance gauge individually.
Amarant Flair changes to Elan, making all of Amarant's skills apply to multiple targets.

Other AppearancesEdit

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia Zidane Tribal ex
Time to get serious!
—Zidane enters Trance
Here's your invitation!
—Kuja enters Trance

In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Zidane and Kuja enter their Trance forms during their EX Modes, but the nature of these abilities is different from their Trance abilities in Final Fantasy IX. Zidane gains the abilities "Aerial Jump", which allows him to jump ten times in a row, and "Dodge Jump", which makes him invincible to some attacks while jumping.

Kuja gains the abilities "Hyper Glide" and "Auto Magic". Hyper Glide lets him maintain altitude longer while Gliding, and Auto Magic leaves Flare and Holy orbs as Kuja moves through the air to damage opponents. Both can also execute their EX Bursts while in their Trance forms.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia Kuja ex
Zidane and Kuja retain Trance as their EX Modes, though their abilities are modified. Zidane's Trance has a new effect that resets his jump count when he dodges, letting him jump again, while Kuja's Auto Magic has lower damage priority. Dodging to reset jumps was available to all characters in the first Dissidia Final Fantasy, but was removed in Dissidia 012 for all but Zidane's Trance mode.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

One of Eiko's cards has W-White [Holy] as its ability. W-White [Holy] requires the discard of an Eiko card, Dulling Eiko, and paying two Earth CP, and allows the player to select up to two Forwards and deal them 8000 damage, if the player has taken at least 5 damage.

Quina's card has Eat, requiring the discard of a Quina card and two Water CP. Eat allows the player to select an opponent's Forward that has taken damage the turn Eat is used, and if it has a Special Ability or Action Ability, the player can Break it.



See also: Trance#Etymology

Trance takes its name from Terra Branford's Trance skill in Final Fantasy VI, which similarly transforms her into another form with heightened powers. The skill was called Morph in Western games until the Advance release.

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