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Train graveyard

Train Graveyard in Final Fantasy VII.

The Train Graveyard (列車墓場, Ressha Hakaba?) is a location inside the city of Midgar in Final Fantasy VII and Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. As its name suggests, it is a location filled to the brim with broken trains, creating a labyrinth of rusted metal, an example of Shinra's neglect. The Train Graveyard is located right next to the Sector 7 slums.


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Final Fantasy VIIEdit

VII Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart and Aeris Gainsborough come to the Train Graveyard after being dropped down into Midgar's sewers by Don Corneo. They make their way through the graveyard on their way to save Sector 7 from the plate being dropped upon it. The party reaches Sector 7 just before the Turks blow up the pillar, causing the entire Sector 7 plate to collapse. The graveyard cannot be visited again.

On the graveyard the player can receive items by inspecting the oil drums or picking them up off the floor and must move some trains in order to proceed.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

FFVIIDoC During the assault on Midgar by the World Regenesis Organization, Vincent Valentine lands in the slums' remains after dropping out of Cid's airship. Out of position, Vincent has to navigate his way through the rubble of disused train cars with Shelke's guidance. The graveyard holds many Deepground troops Vincent must combat, and some WRO soldiers who also ended up out of position. Eventually, Vincent exits the graveyard, and arrives at the front entrance of Shinra Headquarters, which he proceeds to infiltrate.

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Final Fantasy VIIEdit


Train Graveyard


Cloud, Tifa and Aeris enter the Train Graveyard from the sewers through a manhole. The trains in the southern half of the Graveyard are immobile and must be climbed over and under in order to reach the northern half.




The north lies adjacent to the Sector 7 train station. Here some trains have a little power remaining, and Cloud uses this to his advantage by moving the trains to create a bridge, enabling him to cross over into the train station.


The Train Graveyard is the only place a player can acquire a Ghost Hand (an item which drains MP) by stealing it from the Ghosts. It is also possible to steal a powerful weapon, the Striking Staff, for Aeris from Eligor.



Battle background.


North (Before Aps is fought)Edit

North (After Aps is fought)Edit

Musical themesEdit

"Anxious Heart" from Final Fantasy VII
FFVII - Anxious Heart
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The background music of the Train Graveyard is "Anxious Heart" (不安な心, Fuan na Kokoro?).


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