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FFIVDS Tower of Zot

The Tower of Zot.

The Tower of Zot (ゾットの塔, Zotto no Araragi?) is a location in Final Fantasy IV. It is a tower that does not appear on the World Map, and so can only be reached by entering the Enterprise after defeating the Dark Elf, which will immediately rise to bring the player to the tower. After the events at the tower it can never be visited again. It is where Barbariccia makes her home along with her minions, the Magus Sisters.

Although the Tower of Zot plays an important role in the story, being Golbez's base of operations before Cecil and his allies arrive, its nature is never explained. It is never revealed who built the tower, or for what purpose. Even its name is not explained, such as who or what "Zot" is. In the 2D releases, the Tower of Zot shares the same architecture as the Tower of Babil, but in the 3D remakes the towers are different. Furthermore, the Tower of Zot is never seen on the World Map and its location is a mystery, but as the Enterprise rises into the air to fly to it, it has been speculated the tower floats in the sky somewhere.


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Rosa in the Tower of Zot

Rosa imprisoned in the tower.

The tower is where Golbez and Kain hold Rosa captive. From the tower Golbez discovers Cecil is to become a Paladin, and sends Scarmiglione to stop him, and where Golbez and Kain plot to get Crystal of Earth and use Cecil to do it. Cecil, Tellah, Yang, and Cid climb the tower after obtaining the Crystal, expecting Rosa's freedom in exchange. Golbez asks the party to fight their way up, as he wants them to "receive the reward".

Along the way, they meet up with Sandy, Cindy, and Mindy, the three Magus Sisters, and fight them. After defeating them, Cecil meets Golbez and hands him the Crystal, but Golbez is not willing to give up Rosa. Tellah summons Meteor, severely weakening Golbez and breaking his control over Kain, but the spell fatally wounds Tellah.

Why Do You Stay Your Hand

Golbez hesitates before Cecil.

Cecil rushes in to deliver the final blow to Golbez, but Golbez casts a spell and pushes him back. He notices a strange aura about Cecil, and turns away. Tellah dies, and Kain takes Cecil and his friends to rescue Rosa, who was saved in the nick of time, as a steel guillotine that would have killed her fell moments later. Cecil and Rosa embrace for a kiss, while Kain stands by. Rosa invites Kain to join the party, and betraying no emotions, he accepts.

Tower of Zot Teleport FFIV iOs

Rosa teleporting the party out of the tower.

Before Cecil and his friends escape, they are attacked by Barbariccia, the Archfiend of Air. They defeat her, but she destroys the tower in her death throes. Rosa casts the Teleport spell to help the party escape.


Tower of Zot entrance warper ffiv ios

The warper in the entrance.


The warper found in 1F is the only exit from the tower. After Kain disappears, the game starts from here. Using it will directly warp the player back to Troia, and should the player board the airship again, this is where he will arrive.



The Tower of Zot (SNES/PS/GBA).

Enemy FormationsEdit

Musical ThemesEdit

"Tower of Zot" Final Fantasy IV (DS)
FFIV Tower of Zot
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The background music that plays in the Tower of Zot is its eponymous track, "Tower of Zot", which is similar to the track "Somewhere in the World".

The player has access to the theme early in the game because plays whenever Golbez is on screen. When the player selects the song in the Music Box (DS Remake), Edward mentions that it is played in the Tower of Zot, essentially spoiling the existence of the dungeon.

Other AppearancesEdit

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

Tower of Zot

Tower of Zot.

Tower of Zot appears as the FMS for its titular theme.

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  • Unlike the Japanese release of the Super Nintendo version, in the English release the metal blade above Rosa was changed into a giant metal ball. In future releases, this was changed back into a blade.

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