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The Tower of Owen is a location in Final Fantasy III that lies to the east of Gulgan Gulch and north of Castle Argus. It is the tower that supports the entire Floating Continent's levitation, and was built by Owen, an Ancient. The party is urged to visit the tower by the Gulgans and must be in Toad status in order to advance past the first room.


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After visiting the Gulgan Gulch, the Warriors of the Light head to the Tower of Owen to the northeast. There they are forced to transform into toads to enter its depths. As they climb the tower, they are targeted by mysterious threats and mocked off. However Desch helps the Warriors by activating passages in the tower, which amazes even himself.

At the top, the Warriors meet the evil Medusa and defeat her. However, the Tower is at risk of being destroyed, but fortunately, Desch regains his memories and remembers he is the guardian of the tower. He immediately jumps into the furnace, saving the tower, and allowing the Warriors to continue with their mission.

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Item Location
Echo Herbs Third Floor
Spark Dagger Fifth Floor
Echo Herbs Sixth floor
Bomb Fragment Eighth Floor
Echo Herbs Eighth Floor
Sonic Knuckles Ninth Floor
Salamand Sword Tenth Floor
Flame Mail Tenth Floor
Zeus' Wrath Tenth Floor


Battle BackgroundEdit

FFIII Tower Background

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Tower of Owen FFIII

From the Gulgan's prophecy, the Warriors of Light have learned of the Tower of Owen, and now Desch is slowly regaining his memory, aiding their passage through the tower.

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Musical themesEdit

"Tower of Owen" from Final Fantasy III (DS)
FFIII - Tower of Owen
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Tower of Owen has its own eponymous theme as a background music.



  • In the Library at Saronia, several books contain the journal of Owen, the builder of the tower. The final book reveals that Desch is the son of Owen.

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