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The Tour Guide is a non-player character who appears in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. He lives in Yusnaan and provides alternate routes to the Augur's Quarter to those who do not have IDs.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

The Tour Guide is a fit young man with blond hair, brown eyes, and a black beard. Much of his attire is pink, including his party hat, camisole, pants, shoes, glasses, and armlets. Under his camisole, the Tour Guide wears a white bodysuit. Drums, cymbals, and a harmonica hang from the front of the Tour Guide's body.

Personality Edit

The Tour Guide is a greedy individual who demands payment before sharing alternate routes to the Augur's Quarter with others.

Story Edit

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LR The Tour Guide gives Lightning a ticket to a "sneak-in special" in exchange for 2,000 gil. He instructs the savior to be at the entrance to the Industrial Area at 6:00 PM.

Spoilers end here.

Trivia Edit

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