Completing the Liege of the Lake tour.

Tours are a type of sidequest in Final Fantasy XV, first introduced in the updated Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo.

After camping at specific havens, Ignis, Prompto, or Gladiolus will invite Noctis for a special task at dawn. Noctis can either accept or deny the invitation. Party members have three tours each. If accepted, Noctis spends the morning "on tour" with the specified party member. Other quests cannot be progressed until the tour is completed, and Noctis must not leave the vicinity of the destination.

In Episode Duscae, if the player completed the tour's objective, a smartphone with a photo of the day's quest is shown at the end of the day. The party members who were not on tour will also find random items once Noctis and company make camp again.

List of ToursEdit

Episode DuscaeEdit

Tour Character Objective Reward Image
It Takes Two Gladiolus Practice linking up with Gladio. 5,000 EXP It-Takes-Two-FFXV
A Duscaean Delicacy Prompto Scour the wetlands for pungent fungi to add to tonight's supper. 5,000 EXP A-Duscaean-Delicacy-FFXV
Astronomy Ignis Find a good spot to catch the shooting stars. 5,000 EXP Astronomy-FFXV
Going for Brooch Gladiolus Venture into the fog-laden forest and look for the lost accessory. 5,000 EXP Going-for-Brooch-FFXV

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Tour Character Location Objective Reward
Stirred, not Shaken Ignis Cotisse Haven Don't let the stew burn. 20 AP
The Chopping Block Ignis Fallaughns Haven Chop up the vegetables. 20 AP
Case of the Stolen Specs Ignis Petriche Haven Retrieve Ignis' glasses. 20 AP
Up Close and Personal Prompto Pullmoor Haven Lure the catoblepas close and take a photo. 20 AP;
Vintage photo filter
Strike a Pose! Prompto Spelcray Haven Pose for the camera. 20 AP
The Hallowed Hill of Hammerhead Prompto Palmaugh Haven Take a picture of Hammerhead. Talk Prompto through a conversation with Cindy. 20 AP
Rise and Shine and Run Gladiolus Lachyrte Haven Race Gladiolus on the beach. 20 AP
Liege of the Lake Gladiolus Capitis Haven Fish a legendary catch from the Vesperpool. 20 AP
A Flower for Iris Gladiolus Lambath Haven Find a flower to give to Gladiolus' sister, Iris. 20 AP


Tours were added so players would have an active role in developing Noctis's relationship with Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus. Director Hajime Tabata has said the team wants players to feel these bonds grow.[1]

Ignis's tours were more difficult to come up with than Prompto and Gladiolus's. When the writers could not come up with anything apart from cooking, they used the word "glasses" as a starting point in the brainstorming stage.[2]