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Crystal Bearers Tonberry Queen Renders

The Tonberry Queen with chainsaw and teddy bear.

The Tonberry Queen is a field boss in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

Battle Edit

The Tonberry Queen starts off by keeping her distance and sending her Cursed Teddy Bear after the player, which can inflict Curse on impact. She will attack with a Knife Stab attack if the player gets close. Knocking her down will cause her to switch fighting styles and award the player the Medal "Queen's Origins". She will move to draw and attack with her chainsaw with a slow but powerful combo using both her knife and chainsaw, as well as a devastating Double Stab where she will fly at the player attempting to stab them.

Repeating this a few times will cause her to award the player the Medal "Queen's Might" and cast Berserk, which causes her once cautious Tonberry minions to rush in wildly from all directions and she will start using a deadly Spinning Jump Strike, which can cause heavy damage.

Tonberry Queen can be easily defeated by attacking her repeatedly, preventing her from getting up and preventing her change in fighting style, but in order to obtain rare drops, like the ribbons, it is required to let her change fighting styles, prolonging the battle.

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