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FFTA Karma

A Tonberry performing Karma.

Green, hooded monster. Carries a wicked knife.

Tonberries in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance have the same appearance as in previous games. They are small green lizard-like creatures that wear hoods and carry a knife and a lantern. Though their Move and Jump stats are low, Tonberries are extremely dangerous if they are able to execute their skills on an unsuspecting party member.



Tonberry command. Attack with a vengeance.

Skill Effect
Knife Tonberry knife stab. Reduces HP to one-tenth of maximum HP.
Karma Deals damage for each unit the target has KO'ed.



Prerequisites Mission Name Information
None #039: The Wanderer This mission takes place in Muscadet. Two Tonberries appear here, along with their even more dangerous cousin, the Masterberry. Their starting positions are a bit too close to the party for comfort.

Clan EncountersEdit

Home Base Clan Name Information
Aisenfield Aisen Ghosts The Tonberry is the only enemy to take note of in this clan encounter, so KO it first.

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