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The Tonberry is an enemy from Final Fantasy IX found in Ipsen's Castle. They are always seen in trios. They can't be encountered when Zidane heads back to rescue Amarant.


Tonberry retains its signature moves from previous games in the series. They slowly approach the player party, and upon reaching them, unleash either Knife attacks against a party member for 9,999 HP damage, or Everyone's Grudge, which deals damage based on the number of defeated Tonberries. After using Knife, they teleport out of the battle.


The best way to defeat the Tonberries is to use attacks that deal fixed damage, such as Quina's Frog Drop or Zidane's Thievery, because they take little damage from physical attacks.

Tetra MasterEdit

Tetra Master

Location: Treno, Card Stadium "Straight Shooter Shak", Black Mage No. 33 (Black Mage Village - Choco Hut)


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