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Moneygrubbing? I'll show you moneygrubbing!

Tomaj (トマジ, Tomaji?) is one of the characters of Final Fantasy XII. Owner of the Sandsea, he likes to petition Hunts when business is in trouble. Secretly, he is also a scout and member of Clan Centurio. He is rather self-centered, and looks out for himself above all else, but acts insulted when someone suggests he is only doing things for money.




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Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Tomaj makes only one appearance, right at the beginning. Recently, his bar has been suffering shortages of supplies, so he petitions a hunt on the monster responsible, the Rogue Tomato. He explains to the player how to accept a hunt, use the License Board, and gives Vaan a Clan Primer and his first accessory, an Orrachea Armlet. Tomaj remains in the tavern and will give give Vaan a reteach on hunts if asked.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

Tomaj RW
Mini Tomaj
An old hand from the Sandsea, a tavern in Rabanastre. Tomaj collects information to help Vaan and the others on their adventures.
—Instruction booklet
For Tomaj's shop list, see Sky Saloon.

Tomaj returns as a non-playable character. He accompanies Penelo to the derelict and is forced to stay aboard when it takes off for the continent of Lemurés. He elects to maintain the airship and stays on-board at nearly all times. Tomaj is in charge of operations and missions, and also gathers information, sets up a notice board for side missions, and runs an equipment shop.

Tomaj's first major assistance to the party is tying up Ba'Gamnan and outfitting the bangaa with "Ba'Gamnan's Bane," a shock device that effectively puts the headhunter at Tomaj's beck and call. After Ba'Gamnan escapes, Tomaj turns his efforts to expanding the airship's Sky Saloon, setting up shops and enlisting the help of other party members, including the stray Yarhi Cu Sith, who mans the weapon forge.

Cu Sith is one of the only crew members to actually show some sort of respect for Tomaj, even to the point of calling Tomaj "Master Tomaj." After crash-landing in a unknown area, Tomaj starts writing in the the group log more often and says it has become a pastime for him. He shows anger towards Ba'Gamnan for kidnapping Filo in the log.

As more and more missions are completed, Tomaj shows his soft spots by offering the party discounts on everything in the Sky Saloon, even if it puts him "in the red." During later chapters, he attempts to court Fran, but fails, and Vaan tells him the viera is out of his league. Tomaj is later seen contemplating the possibility of courting Ashe.

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Tomaj is voiced by Phil LaMarr in the English version of Final Fantasy XII.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Tomaj TCG

Tomaj appears with a water-elemental card showing his Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings artwork.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

An allusion is made to Tomaj in the King Tomato minion quote: "It is apparently a rogue, outcast from its kin, a stranger in a strange land," attributed to Tomaj. In Final Fantasy XII, Tomaj tasked Vaan to fell the Rogue Tomato as the first hunt.

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