Next show? How can there be a next show when the first show made the next show a no-show?
—Tobli responding to Rikku

Tobli is a Peruperu highly-excitable stage producer in Final Fantasy X-2. He speaks incredibly fast and adds "Yup-Yup" to the end of his sentences. He thinks highly of Yuna, although not for her defeat of Sin, but rather, for her ability to draw a crowd.


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Tobli awards YRP a sphere for saving his assistant.

The Gullwings can first meet Tobli in Chapter 1 on Kilika Island, but only if he has not been encountered at the Moonflow. The Gullwings' first mission concerning Tobli is at the Moonflow, where he is awaiting the arrival of one of his Hypello assistants. Yuna and her company offer to look for him and escort him and the supplies for the show safely to Tobli. If they so choose, the Gullwings can help with the production of the show, from locating the three musicians in the Macalania Woods, to selling the tickets. Later on, they can also perform in the show, if it turns out to be a success.

Tobli's office, Tobli Productions, is located in Guadosalam and the Al Bhed can often be seen trying to break down the door, probably trying to receive payment for the failed show in Chapter 3.

Tobli in ffx-2

Tobli and his team of Hypello.

When the Gullwings decide to put on a concert in the Thunder Plains to lift the spirits of the people of Spira, they decide to ask Tobli to produce it. Tobli is on the run from his Al Bhed shareholders, and leads the girls on a chase through the Moonflow before he is caught, determined to avoid paying his bills. At one point, Tobli even manages to hijack an Al Bhed machina hover, which he promptly crashes into a billboard near the Moonflow.

Three months later, Tobli partners up with Barkeep to make business, but both have a hard time finding a suitable performer due to their first success with Yuna.

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In the English version, Tobli is voiced by Rob Paulsen.