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The Toad is an enemy in Final Fantasy V. The toad is not named in battle and is a blank entry on the enemy list. A name appears only when it is transformed, being the name of the enemy it transforms to.

Stats Edit

Bone Dragon


Red Dragon

Battle Edit

It accompanies an Alchymia enemy in battle and cannot do anything. If both the Alchymia and the Toad are left alive, after a number of battle messages, Alchymia will cast Ribbit transforming the toad into another enemy. This enemy shares its HP with the original toad.

If the player casts Toad, releases an Alchymia to use Ribbit, or throws a Maiden's Kiss, the Toad will change into its corresponding enemy; Because Alchymia is not programmed to check the current status of the Toad, it will transform it back into a Toad and then vanish.

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