To Wane a Broken Heart is a time-limited event where Kefka from Final Fantasy VI can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located during Chapter 10.


The prototype to the Magitek Knights, Kefka acts as Emperor Gestahl's court mage carrying out his orders. He lost his mental stability after he was artificially injected magical powers and he, because of this, had ended with many lives as the emperor's puppet. But a brutal catastrophe occurred when he gained the power of the "Warring Triad", dominating the world with fear.
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Story CutscenesEdit

Puppet Gods:
  • Mog: Spiritus, your warriors have begun taking action as well, kupo.
  • Mog: Can you show me the current situation, kupo?
  • Spiritus: Hmm... if you wish to do that, why don't you just try it.

(Cloud of Darkness appears)

  • Cloud of Darkness: Hehehe... if you had just made use of my presence, great things could have happened...
  • Cloud of Darkness: I am the very reason this world moves accordingly...

(Cloud of Darkness leaves)

  • Mog: Kupo! I wasn't even able to listen that, kupo!
  • Mog: Then, what about you, kupo?

(Mog turns around and Emperor appears)

  • Emperor: Just what are you planning to do... you unsightly god and spirit...
  • Emperor: I am the only ruler of this world. Do you truly wish for me to destroy you right here?
  • Mog: Please, just wait kupo~! If this world disappears, so will the distortions, kupo.
  • Mog: Wouldn't that be problematic to you as well, kupo?
  • Emperor: Then, don't get in my way. Next time we meet, we will fight with the position as ruler at stake.

(Emperor leaves)

  • Mog: Kupo... then, what about the sorceress, kupo?

(Ultimecia appears)

  • Ultimecia: Heh... what a deceitful spirit... you're still putting on that act.
  • Ultimecia: Who knew that even you would have "that" in you...?

(Ultimecia leaves)

  • Mog: Kupo! Everyone's falling apart...
  • Kefka: Oooh! This is a little different from the usual light's party. You're not here to play your little friendship game, are you?

(Kefka appears)

  • Kefka: We can't have that. Nothing but lip service to offer freely, and so, for a god to make use of that...
  • Kefka: Such a god would be done for~!
  • Kefka: Uwee-hee-hee. I'll see to it that you like it.
  • Mog: You're planning on leaving Spiritus, kupo! Are you sure you'll be fine, kupo?

(Kefka leaves)

  • Spiritus: It's fine... I'm aware of his true intentions, much more than yours at least.
  • Mog: Kupo! Mog is just working for the sake of the world and the gods~
  • Kefka: Uwee-hee-hee. Well then, it's a pleasure to be working with you.
  • Mog: I've received them, kupo!
  • Terra: Mog?! Kefka... what are you two doing?
  • Kefka: Whoopsie! I'll leave the persuasion to you. See ya~

(A group of warriors of Materia, led by Terra and Edgar arrive)

  • Edgar: ...Mog! Did you just... receive Kefka's dimensional coordinates?!
  • Firion: That's... -you're working together now?!
  • Terra: You can't be serious! Why?! Do you understand what Kefka has done, Mog?!
  • Mog: Unh, he forced me into it on the other side, kupo! Whether you use him or not is up to you, kupo...
  • Edgar: That's not what we're saying! We're talking about your attitude!
  • Edgar: He has ended too many innocent lives, and wishes only for destruction. Nothing can make up for such a sin!
  • Vincent: Sin, huh?
  • Shadow: ... You and Kefka were working together at one point.
  • Shadow: What was his objective in coming here? Were you able to sense any unusual sings?
  • Terra: Shadow! Are we supposed to just accept this...?
  • Shadow: One must not act on emotions, in order to ascertain the truth.
  • Edgar: How do you... hold back this anger...?
  • Shadow: Seems that it is still too soon for you.
  • Firion: Kefka may be fighting alongside us for now, but who know when he'll betray us...
  • Shadow: By that moogle's story, Mog could also be a traitor.
  • Mog: Kupo?
  • Edgar: If Kefka even shows the slightest sign of suspicion... Mog, you'd best be prepared to die.
  • Terra: Mog... why...?
  • Vincent: We shouldn't assume too quickly. We should take our time and properly think this through.
A Broken Man:
  • Faris: That Kefka, he may be an evil mage, but he hasn't hurt any of our allies yet.
  • Faris: What did he do in your world? I understand that it is something unpleasant.
  • Ramza: I want to know, too. He could be useful in battle...
  • Terra: He... threw our world into disarray...
  • Edgar: It was just a single nation at first... He was the court mage of the Gestahlian Empire.
  • Setzer: At one point, we made an agreement with the emperor, but that was just a bluff.
  • Edgar: Kefka even turned traitor to his master, the Emperor, and with the help of the power of the Gods of Magic, the Warring Triad, he tore the world asunder and killed numerous people. Everything was... destroyed.
  • Warrior of Light: With the help of the power of the Gods, huh...
  • Ramza: Were there no feelings of guilt? Did he have a reason for doing as such?
  • Setzer: Kefka possesses no such feelings within his heart.
  • Edgar: His heart is completely broken. All he wished for... was destruction... that's it.
  • Faris: In other words... we may not know the full story yet.
  • Faris: That Mog, bringing in a burden as an ally, just what is he thinking...?
  • Ramza: Well, whatever Mog is thinking doesn't matter for now... what Kefka did is unforgivable...
  • Ramza: People who were innocent and, without power, they were all indiscriminately sacrificed!
  • Warrior of Light: What we believe in should not be Mog... but our wills instead.
  • Terra: But without information from Mog or the gods, how are we going to traverse this world...?
  • Setzer: That's the whole point of gambling.
  • Ramza: Mog claims he only moves through orders by the Gods, but... even that doesn't seem to have much credibility...
  • Setzer: Right. You can guess what's in your opponents hand by their behaviour.
  • Edgar: Mog seems to be acting through a different purpose other than the will of the Gods... Just, what is this purpose...?
  • Setzer: We're only a step behind, we still don't know what Mog is thinking.
  • Ramza: What should we do now?
  • Warrior of Light: Even as we discover the truth, we mustn't let our hearts waver... we must be prepared.

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